Add Team Games and Events

You've got your team, you've got your players, now you need to let everyone know where and when to practice and play!

Add Game or Event (Web)

  1. Click the Schedule tab
  2. Click New
  3. Click New Game or New Event
    1. Please make sure you are selecting the appropriate event type - games cannot be converted to events and vice versa
    2. Want to schedule recurring events? Learn more Manage Repeating Events
  4. Enter event details
  5. Click Save

Add Game or Event (Mobile)

  1. Tab the Schedule tab
  2. Tap the + and choose either to add a new game or a new event. 
  3. Enter event/game details
  4. Optional: Select the checkbox (Android) or toggle on (iOS) the option to Notify your team and send an email and push notification (if enabled on the mobile app) with the new event or game information.
  5. Tap Save 

Note: Teams on our Premium and Ultra plans have the ability to create assignments here if desired

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