Edit Games and Events

Edit Team Games and Events (web)

  1. Click the Schedule tab
  2. Click the Edit button next to the game or event you would like to edit
  3. Update event details as desired
  4. Click Save

Edit Team Games and Events (mobile)

  1. Tap the Schedule tab
  2. Tap the event/game you wish to edit.
  3. For Android tap the 3 dots in the upper right and choose Edit. For iOS users tap the edit option
  4. Update event details
    1. To edit opponent or location, tap the opponent or location name
  5. Optional: Select the checkbox (Android) or toggle on the option (iOS) to send an email and push notification (if enabled on the mobile app) with the updated event information.
  6. Click Save

Edit Organization Games and Events

As a general rule, games or events can be edited where they were created within the organization site (at the top level schedule tab, within a division, within a team). Once created, games and events have labels to let you know where they can be edited.

Controlled at team level - The game or event was created within a team site, and can only be edited under that team's Schedule tab. These schedule items can be created by manual creation or schedule import within the team Schedule tab, or an organization level schedule import where the "Create only team-controlled events." checkbox is selected. Team-controlled games are the only games that can be scored by team managers and team owners, unless scoring permissions are specifically turned on by an organization administrator.

Controlled by Scheduler - These games or events were created using the Scheduler tool, and can only be edited within Scheduler.

Controlled by [Organization or Division Name] - If there is a specified division or league, this game or event can be edited under the Schedule tab for that organization. This is often an indication that this is a multi-team event that includes teams located outside of the division currently being viewed.

TeamLink Event - TeamLink games are league-controlled games and can be edited at the organization level. They are called "TeamLink" because this game or event may be 'linked' to other teams, and when the game or event is edited at the organization level, it will update on the schedule for all included teams. TeamLink games and events can be created by manually creating games or events at the division level, or with an organization level schedule import that does not check the box to "Create only team-controlled events."

Events can be edited only under the schedule tab where they were created. So, if you create your events under your club/league schedule tab, you'll go back to that tab to access the event management functionality. If you create them under a division schedule tab, you'll navigate to that same division's Schedule tab to access the event management functionality. 

Note: Events cannot be switched from single team to multi-team or vice versa after the event is saved. 
  1. Log into TeamSnap
  2. Click organization name under the My Leagues section of the dashboard
  3. Click Schedule tab OR navigate to the division where the event was created and click Schedule tab
  4. Hover over Admin button to the far right of the event in the schedule list
    • Hint: Don't see the admin button? It's likely that you are in the wrong Schedule tab and need to navigate to a different level of your organization's site to locate the event management functionality for that particular event
  5. Click Edit Event
  6. Edit/update event details as needed
    • Teams can be removed added from multi-team events. Removing a team from a multi-team event does not send a team notification, the event is simply removed from that team's schedule.
  7. Click Save
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