Import Schedule for Sports Organizations

If you are an administrator for an account using TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues, then the schedule import feature will allow you to enter your organization's scheduling quickly and easily!

It's important that all of your column headings match up with the Sports Organization Schedule Import Template. For best results, we recommend downloading the template and plugging in your information. 

Note: CSV files are the only accepted file types for importing. If your file is in Excel (.xls) format you’ll want to save/export it as a CSV file before proceeding. You’ll also want to make sure that there are no blank rows between rows that contain data in your import file. The system will read that as an error.

Prepare Your Import File

✔ All divisions and/or teams have been set up

✔ Any external (non-league) opponents have been entered

✔ All locations have been entered in the organization-level Schedule tab

✔ Team names, outside (non-league) opponent names, and location names in the import file match exactly to how they are spelled in TeamSnap (case-sensitive)

✔ Any blank rows or columns have been deleted

✔ There are no extra blank spaces before or after any of the data in each cell

The following organization template columns can be deleted, if you do not need them. All other columns are required.  

  • End Time
  • Away Team (For event import files only.) 
  • Event Type
  • Location Details
  • Arrival Time
  • Short Label

Formatting requirements:

  • Date: MM/DD/YYYY (organizations using the international date format under Settings > Site Prefs use DD/MM/YYYY)
  • Start/End Time: HH:MM AM/PM 
  • Arrival Time: Minutes prior to start time (for example, 30)

Import the CSV Schedule File

  1. Click the Schedule tab
  2. Click the Schedule Imports button
  3. Click on the Upload Schedule from File button 
  4. Click Choose File and select your CSV schedule file on your computer
  5. Decide if you want league controlled or team controlled events:
    • League-controlled (box unchecked): League-controlled games and events are visible to participating teams, but game results can only be entered at the team-level when allowed under the organization Settings Tab
    • Team-controlled (box checked):  Sports org admins and team admins will be able to edit games/events and enter game results, games and events will be displayed in  org , division, and team schedule tabs, but can only be edited at the team level. Changes made within a team to an event where the opposing team is in the same league will only be reflected in the team where the change was made.

  6. Click Continue
  7. Click on the Create All Events button
    To check on the status of your import, go back to the schedule imports list. This will indicate whether the import was successful or not.
    • If successful, it will show the events were created.
    • If not, it will display an error status:

    • If you receive an error you'll need to correct the import file data, then re-upload your file. Please keep in mind that importing a file you have previously imported and created events from will not overwrite existing import data.

Getting stuck? Check out these Tips and Tricks for Troubleshooting Schedule Imports.

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