Troubleshooting Schedule Imports

Use the Right Template

There are two schedule import templates available for the Club & League TeamSnap app. If you are importing games and events for more than one team, you will want to import under the organization Schedule tab and use the Import Schedule for Sports Organizations guide and template. If you are importing schedules to a single team at the team level, you will want to import under the team Schedule tab and use the Import a Team Schedule Guide and Template. These templates are not interchangeable and must be in a CSV format to import.

Warning: It is very difficult to maintain a Full Organization Schedule View with a team-level schedule import. Team schedule imports can generate opponents and team-controlled locations, and also can not be reversed. 

Check Your Headings

Your headings should be exactly the same as in the CSV template. Your import tool can not read approximate headings, so any change in the order or phrasing of your column headings can result in an import error. For best results, start with a clean template and plug in your information. Schedule imports can not be customized with added columns. Only the columns in the templates are supported.  

Separate Games and Events

Your Games and your Events should be imported as separate files. When importing Events, delete the 'Away Team' column, and only include the 'Home Team' column for that file.  

Before You Import Your Organization Schedule

Your organization schedule import can generate games and events for all teams across your organization! It can not generate teams, divisions, opponents, or locations. Before you import, make sure to check that you have done the following:

  • All divisions/teams have been set up. When you import, the division name in your import should match exactly the name of the division directly above your teams. If you have subdivisions, you will want to use the subdivision name.
  • Any outside (non-league) opponents have been entered - To do this go to each team’s schedule tab and click on the Edit Opponents button. If no games have been entered on the team’s schedule yet, click on the Schedule Your First Game button, then on Edit Opponents. When importing events that do not have an opponent (e.g. practices), delete the Away Team column.
  • All locations have been entered in the league level schedule tab

Review for Typos and Formatting Requirements

The most common cause for an import error is the dreaded typo. Be exact! Imports are sensitive, even to spaces and punctuation.

  • Team names, outside (non-league) opponent names, and location names in the import file match exactly to how they are spelled in TeamSnap and they are case sensitive. In addition, each name entered in your import Division column must be exact and unique. 
    • Example: If the team name is listed as PANTHERS in TeamSnap, but the team name is entered as Panthers on the import, the import will fail.
    • Example: If the organization has two subdivisions with the same name, the import will not be able to tell those subdivisions apart, and the import will fail. Every name in the Divisions column of your import file must be unique and exact.
  • Any blank rows or columns have been deleted
  • There are no spaces before/after and of the data in each cell
  • Formatting requirements: Date: MM/DD/YYYY, Start/End Time: HH:MM AM/PM 
  • Arrival Time: Minutes prior to start time (for example, 30)
  • Tip: At this time, schedule imports can have trouble with symbols such as % , @ , # , * etc. 

Include Required Information

The following organization template columns can be deleted, if you do not need them. All other columns are required.  

  • End Time
  • Away Team (For event import files only.) 
  • Event Type
  • Location Details
  • Arrival Time
  • Short Label

If you are running into any issues, the first thing you can do is double check that the device you are attempting to access TeamSnap on meets our system requirements.

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