Full Organization Schedule View

Organization administrators have the ability to view the full organization's schedule, including all division and team games and events, using the calendar view under the top level Schedule tab.

Organization Schedule Criteria

This full organization schedule view is accessible only in the web app version of TeamSnap, and it is populated by your organization-wide locations. If you create a game or event using TeamSnap Scheduler, the organization schedule import, or by manually creating a game or event at the organization level, you will be asked to first create organization schedule locations. These locations will allow you to see all of these games and events on your organization schedule view!

Once entered, organization-wide locations are available to all of your organization's teams. So, even if you are creating games at the team level, you can still select your organization-wide locations. 

On the team locations list, organization-wide locations will have the label "Shared Location."

When manually selecting a location for your team game or event, team-created locations will have the label "Non-League."

Games or events created on non-league locations can be placed on the organization schedule by editing the game or event and changing the non-league location to a shared location that does not have the non-league label.

Important: The organization schedule view will only display games and events that have been scheduled with an organization-wide shared location.

Schedule View Options

The organization level schedule can be viewed in either list or monthly calendar view and can be filtered down to display schedule items by location. Click the View Preferences button to further customize your schedule display by showing/hiding past events and selecting to show events only, games only, or both!

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