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Make Roster Information Private

TeamSnap cares about your privacy. If you want to keep your information private from other members without manager access, you can mark the following fields as private by editing your profile:

  • Email addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Birth Date/Age (Hide Age)
  • Address (which includes city, state, and zip)
  • Custom Fields (if added by manager)

Mark a Field as Private

  1. Log into your team
  2. Go to the Roster tab
  3. Click/tap your roster name
  4. Click/tap Edit
  5. Check the box (web) or open the field settings (mobile) to toggle the fields as Private
  6. Click/tap Save

Marking a field as private will hide the entered information from other members, but the information will still be visible to administrators and contacts listed with you under the same member roster profile. Your manager can then contact you without you having to share your info with the entire team.

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