Making Roster Information Private

TeamSnap provides options for members to mark their own roster profile information private, for team administrators to mark individual member profile information as private, and for sports organization administrators to mark member information private in bulk.

Marking a field as private will hide the information for the selected field from other members, while leaving it visible to administrators and any contacts under the selected member profile. This allows members to keep their contact information private from other members if desired, while still allowing administrators the ability to contact them.

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Marking Individual Member Profile Information as Private

All TeamSnap members have the option to mark certain information in their roster profiles private. Administrators can also manage privacy in member profiles. 

  1. Log into your team
  2. Click/Tap the Roster tab
  3. Click/tap your roster name
  4. Click/tap Edit
  5. Check the box (web) or open the field settings (mobile) to toggle the fields as Private for the desired field
    1. Email address
    2. Phone Number
    3. Birth Date/Age (hide age)
    4. Address (includes city, state, and zip)
    5. Custom Fields (if added by manager)
  6. Click/tap Save

Marking Profile Information as Private for All Members

Administrators for sports organizations using TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues have the ability to mark roster information as private for all current members using the Team Member Privacy tool. Use of this tool applies only to current members in your organization and will need to be re-run in the future if new members are added where the contact information needs to be made private for the entire organization.

  1. Log into TeamSnap using a web browser
  2. Enter your organization site
  3. Click the Settings tab
  4. Click the Site Prefs sub-tab
  5. Scroll down to Team Member Privacy and click the Make All Private button
    1. The following profile fields will be marked private for all current roster members:
      1. Email address
      2. Phone Number
      3. Birth Date/Age (hide age)
      4. Address (includes city, state, and zip)
    2. Custom field visibility can be managed for each field under the Custom Fields sub-tab
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