Web App Release Notes

November 2019

TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues

Improvements to make managing registration even easier

Managing the season once registration is complete isn’t always easy—which is why we’ve released some improvements to help make the process even easier. Now you can search and filter registrations, get clear reports on activity, and easily make adjustments. 

  • Easy search and filtering: We’ve optimized our registration-search functionality to make it quicker and more efficient to find what you need.
  • Improved reporting and exports: See how many people have registered along with how much revenue has been collected for a specific fee type under the ‘Participant Fee Overview’ section. You can also export fee-specific data to see all registrants associated with the selected program or division.
  • Simplified registration and roster adjustments: You can now go directly into the participant’s registration record and adjust associated fees while also moving the player to the correct division or team. 

Give your parents peace of mind with Regsaver

Enable registration insurance directly within your registration forms, and allow parents to cover themselves in the case of unexpected incidents, such as an illness, an injury, or bad weather.

  • Offer your parents an affordable way to prepare for the unexpected when you have a no-refund policy—all at no additional cost to you.
  • With both season and tournament/camp options, it’s easy for them to find the policy that’s right for them.
  • Available during registration on all new and existing registration forms.
  • Your club, your call. The Regsaver insurance policy is optional, so you can decide the best refund policy for your organization.

*Regsaver is currently only available for U.S. customers.

For your teams

Stay up to date with what’s happening down the line:

  • Release: Shortcut to quickly message all contacts for a single roster member.
  • Release: You can now include photos in group and direct messages. Selfie bomb!
  • Bug fix: Fixed an issue where some push notifications were not actually pushing. They have been given an extra nudge.
  • Bug fix: Fixed an issue where a team might be untappable on the teams list. We put on our tap shoes and the issue is resolved.
  • Big fix: Fixed a very rare bug that could cause an event not to display in very specific circumstances. Events now display properly in both specific and vague circumstances.

October 2019

TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues

Improvements to help you better manage registrations

Getting people to register is just the first part of the process. Managing all the incoming registrations is where all the fun begins. So we have made some exciting updates to hopefully make the “fun” that much more enjoyable. 

  • Improved registration exports now include additional data such as remaining balance and payment ID for easier tracking and relevant terminology and labels for less confusion. We even added the ability to export data for specific fees 
  • You don’t need to export data to benefit from the improvements. We have updated the Participant Fee Overview to show how many participants have signed up, and how much total money has been collected, per each division and fee
  • Finally, your In Progress and Completed Registrations tabs allow you to now clearly see who registered, and for what fees they registered for

New member management home

Introducing the Members tab: your go-to hub for managing every member of your organization. 

  • One Member, One View: Have a player who’s on multiple teams or a coach who’s also a commissioner? Now they’re all on one page, listed under one person.
  • Detailed Member View: View all important player information in one place, from personal info to roles, teams and divisions—you’ll even see their registration transaction summaries.
  • Everything just got a little snappier: Simplified workflows and performance improvements save you more time in more ways.

Improved Standings for Website Builder

It’s not about whether you win or lose, it’s how you weigh the game. Now, in addition to positive point values, division standings can calculate negative values for Wins and Losses.

  • Set Win and Loss values to positive or negative values, depending on how you want to track standings. Find more details in the advanced settings tab of the divisions module.

For Your Teams

Stay up to date with what’s happening down the line:

  • Release: Team owners and managers can now send invoices directly from the web because who doesn’t love working from a bigger screen?
  • Release: There’s a new Chat section on the Messages block...well tab. And it has a message: stay on top of the latest news with group and direct messages with the mobile app.
  • Release: Looking for that competitive edge? Want to reach whatever status is above “power user”? Keep an eye out for our new rotating TeamSnap Pro Tips card in your team feed and get ready to master everything.
  • Release: You can now set a topic for each group chat. For example: "Coordinating goalie practice" or "Let's all chip in to buy the coach a Ferrari."
  • Release: Members with an outdated version of the app can now be included in chats, but they will need to update their app to reply. And they might want to update their wardrobe while they're at it. I mean, that velour shirt, amirite?

September 2019

TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues

Easily adjust fees and roster assignments post-registration

Now when someone registers for the wrong program or division, or decides that they no longer want to participate, you can simultaneously update their division and team assignment while adjusting their fees.

  • Move a player to a new division while updating their participant fee.
  • Remove a player from their current division and team when deleting a participant fee.
  • You get the point—you can update fee and roster assignments at the same time and avoid some unnecessary back and forth within the app.

Follow a step-by-step walkthrough on how to set up registration 

Let our in-app guide walk you through how to set up your upcoming registration form—think of it as your little helper!

  • Access the walkthrough from the dashboard checklist or while editing your form - just hit the info icon next to the form name when in edit mode.
  • Run through the full end-to-end registration form creation process or focus on key stages.

Quickly move between divisions and subdivisions

New navigational breadcrumbs let you easily move between divisions and subdivisions without having to start over from the main tab.

  • When users dive into a subdivision, they can now jump directly to the previous or main division page in a single click.

For Your teams

Stay up to date with what’s happening down the line:

  • Release: Newly created teams have access to integrated payments for fast setup, in-app reporting, and quick deposits.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a few bugs and was not tested on any animals, except for one cat that sat on a developer’s keyboard for half the morning.
  • Bug fix: Very minor bug fix for iPad users. Probably doesn’t affect you. Let’s just all move on.

August 2019

TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues

Teams can now chat with direct messaging and group messaging

Teams connected to your organization can take advantage of direct 1-on-1 messaging or group messaging directly within the TeamSnap app. 

  • Rostered users can now directly message any other contact on their team - right within the TeamSnap app! This is great for letting the coach know your child won’t make practice, planning carpool with another player, or asking someone to borrow equipment.
  • Group messaging takes the awesomeness of direct messaging, with the added benefit of multiple recipients.
  • Choose whether or not you want the direct and group messaging feature to be available for your connected teams.

Participants can easily pay off their remaining balance

Parents and players now see a Pay Now button in their app when they have an outstanding balance, allowing them to quickly and simply pay it off. 

  • If there is an installment or ACH failure, users can use the Pay Now button to update or add their card and resubmit the payment.
  • If there was a post-registration adjustment, users will be able to use the Pay Now button to pay the new balance.
  • For users who choose to pay offline, the Pay Now button makes it easy to pay their balance online if they have a change of mind.

For Your teams

Stay up to date with what’s happening down the line:

  • Bug fix: Fixed an issue where users could be logged out unexpectedly. Sort of like passing through a time portal, only not as much fun.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a few miscellaneous issues with miscellaneous solutions.
  • Bug fix: Fixed an issue where the availability buttons on the Schedule List weren’t, well, available.
  • Bug fix: Fixed an intermittent crash that occurred when the schedule tab got overly excited and loaded too quickly.
  • Help article: Because life doesn’t always go as expected, we’ve added an article to help troubleshoot when push notifications are not pushing to Android devices.

July 2019

TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues

Improved registration experience for you and your registrants 

Get the most out of registration with these small, but impactful, improvements.

  • Registration experience: Parents and players can now clearly see how many participants are being registered on each form, and the fees associated with each of them.
  • Registration experience: Improved compatibility with older browsers so that registrants have a good experience no matter their browser preference. 
  • Performance: Quickly see the hundreds, and thousands, of people that have registered for the season with improved, and optimized, load times on the registration summary page.
  • Bug fix: Fixed an issue where Hockey Canada registrations were not being correctly sent to HCR for all customers.

Website Builder

Improved mobile experience for the Website Builder Schedule Module

Get more from less space with a redesigned portrait view on mobile.

  • Find the details you need most without scrolling to the right thanks to a consolidated portrait view.
  • Take advantage of the extra screen when in landscape view.

New CleanTalk Plugin for Website Builder

Stop spam from flooding your website comments and club inquiries.

  • Less spam means you can focus on what matters—real comments and questions from real people.
  • It’s already live, so there’s nothing you need to do except, well, get less spam.

For Your Teams

Stay up to date with what’s happening down the line:

  • Fixed an issue where the number of unread messages displayed in the app was not, in the strictest of terms, accurate.
  • Fixed an issue in team chat where older message would sometimes fail to load. You can now revisit that chat you sent in 1974.
  • Fixed a crash that occurs when loading a team that has a large logo. We’re looking at you, “person that uploaded a 1 terabyte logo.”

June 2019

TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues

Pay any registration balance via the Dashboard

Making it easier to pay off registration balances means you’re more likely to get paid. Your members can now pay off any registration balance through the Pay Now button on their personal dashboards.

Simplified registration fees

Setting up registration and program fees is easier than ever thanks to a streamlined registration form:

  • Use participant fees to offer the different options available to each individual participant, whether that be club teams, league sign up, individual gear, or camps and clinics.
  • Use form fees to cover any fees and discounts that apply to the registration as a whole, such as donations, or technology fees.

Website Builder

Additional website options to get your site looking great in time for opening day:

  • New PowerPack plugin: Getting your website just right is even easier with 24 new content modules and 28 creative modules to choose from, including announcements, social media feeds and ways to showcase your photos.
  • Awesome Weather Widget: With Weather Underground’s API feeling under the weather, we’re introducing the Awesome Weather Widget so you can keep seeing those sunny skies reports.
  • Design maintenance subscription: Get one-on-one time with our design and development teams every month—for us non-web design savants, it’s the perfect solution to keep you moving ahead.
  • Updated schedule module: We’ve updated the schedule table to make it easier for your families and players to read the schedule on your website.
  • Two new templates: The new Striker and Slapshot templates offer you two more ways to get your site to look your way.

For Your Teams

Stay up to date with what’s happening down the line:

  • Teams Invoicing on iOS: If you are creating invoices in a currency different than your device's default currency, we now list the specific currency type. Also, look at you with your global financial empire!
  • Process improvements: A few updates to help things run more smoothly. Basically, like vitamins for the app, but without the mixed berry flavor.
  • Security updates: Ongoing app maintenance to keep your parents’, players’ and clubs’ data secure.
  • Manager Messages: We’re working to enhance and simplify team messaging. As part of that effort, we’re retiring Manager Messages on both web and mobile apps in order to provide the easiest and most robust team management experience.
  • Bug fix: Fixed an issue with importing roster members. There was a missing checkbox. Our search-and-rescue team has located the checkbox and everything is back to normal.
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