Email Troubleshooting

Email can be a quick and easy form of communication for most, but sometimes we all run into issues here and there. If you have sent or received emails generated from TeamSnap and are experiencing an issue, there can be many causes. We've tried to round up the most common errors and issues below with the steps you can take to resolve them. 

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Common Email Errors:

We know that email communication is critical and have set up our systems to alert you when we receive errors back from your email provider. If we receive an error message our system will disable your email address to prevent additional messages from being sent and causing additional errors, and then a notification email is sent in an attempt to notify you of the issue.

The error message received from your email provider will be included at the bottom of the error notification email. 

Error: Email server has been blocked

This error indicates that your email server has blocked any messages from our sending addresses from getting through. Typically there is a link or other information that you can use to get unblocked. You can contact your email provider to make sure they are sending TeamSnap messages. You may also be able to mark TeamSnap messages as safe using the information above so the provider doesn’t see them as spam. Be sure to re-enable your email in TeamSnap.

Error: Email address or account does not exist

Seeing any terms such as “rejected”, “account does not exist”, or “no such user” typically indicates that there is a problem with your email account or the email address is incorrect on your roster profile. Make sure that your account is working properly and check your email address on the Roster tab.

Fix It: Check for typos

Check the address closely as sometimes there can be a typo when the email was entered, like 2 letters that are transposed, one that is left out, an extra blank space has been entered, or even if there is a period included for the address (for example for Gmail accounts) which is seen as a separate email in our system. If it is not correct, edit your profile to make the necessary corrections and make sure to re-enable your email in TeamSnap.

Error: Email server “host not found”

If you see the term “host not found” that typically indicates that there is a problem with the email address. You will usually find the error in the part of the address after the @ symbol.

Fix It: Verify emails are correct

Go to the Roster tab and verify all of your email addresses are entered correctly. If not, edit your profile to make the necessary corrections. You might also check with your email provider to make sure nothing is being flagged incorrectly on their end. If everything looks good, you can make sure to re-enable your email in TeamSnap.

Other Common Email Issues:

Emails are Being Routed to SPAM

Email servers can sometimes report our delivery emails as SPAM without user knowledge. When our system is notified of a SPAM classification, your email address is disabled on the team roster. Check your spam folder to see if the emails have been routed there. 

Fix it: Whitelist TeamSnap sender email addresses

To prevent your email program from routing TeamSnap emails to the SPAM folder, please whitelist the addresses listed below in your email program. You can do this by adding the addresses to your email program’s safe senders or whitelist. If you cannot find these lists in your program, you can add the addresses as a contact in your Address Book. The email addresses to whitelist are:

Adding these addresses will prevent our emails from being marked as SPAM, and direct our emails to your inbox. Not sure how to whitelist in the email program you use? Check out this handy link that provides instructions for many providers: How to whitelist email

Email Message Shows Wrong Sender

Like many web applications, TeamSnap sends some communications from a no-reply address -

If you have ever received a TeamSnap email in the past, your email program may have associated or labeled the address with the previous sender's name. If so, you may see their name next to on the From line when you view an email. The good news is that any replies to the message will still go to the correct person. We always set the Reply-To address to the person who sent the email, regardless of the email label.

Fix It: Change or Remove the Associated Contact Name

The sender name shown on your email is stored and displayed by your email program, so we can’t prevent it from displaying, but since it is only stored in your personal email program, anyone else on your team viewing the email won’t see the substituted name. Plus, there is an easy fix!

  1. Go to the contacts list within your email program
  2. Locate the email address
  3. Change the name associated with it 
    1. You can edit the name to say TeamSnap, edit the name to your current team name, put any name in the field that you'd like to see displayed with the address, or remove the name and leave the label blank.

Team Email Address and Free Public Access Site isn't Working (discontinued)

Due to security issues and lack of usage, TeamSnap shut down the free public access sites that came with our free stand-alone team plans in the Summer of 2017.

Note: The removal of public access sites does not affect club & league customers using our website builder sites.

Fix It: There is no fix, for this feature was been discontinued ages ago.

The team email address feature was part of public access and was phased out in June of 2017. We completely removed the team email addresses option in June of 2018. We will not be reimplementing the public access or team email address feature. To communicate with your team, please  log in to TeamSnap and send emails from the Messages tab. We apologize for any disappointment that this may cause. Here are some answers to common questions:

  • “How can I forward an email or attachment to my team?” Unfortunately, you can no long forward an email to your team from your personal email inbox. You can try “cutting and pasting” the body of the email into a new message in the TeamSnap Messages tab (formatting may not apply exactly) or printing the email as a .pdf and sharing the attachment with your team.
  • “How can I share an attachment with my team?”  Upload the attachment to the TeamSnap Media tab and message your players to access it there OR save it to your computer and create a new message in the TeamSnap Messages tab and attach it to your message.
  • “How can send an email to multiple teams at the same time?”  Unfortunately, you will no longer be able to do this unless you are a commissioner using the TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues product.

If you need a snappier, more robust public-facing website or are juggling several teams for your organization and need a better way to handle player registration this season you may want to learn more about TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues!

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