Creating a registration form

This article explains how to start a new registration form for your TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues organization.

Create a registration form

Creating one or multiple forms is up to your organization's needs. Using multiple forms is great if you are a multi-sport organization and run registration multiple times throughout the year or have overlapping registration periods.

  1. Access your organization.
  2. Log into your account at
  3. Click the organization name under the My Organizations section of your TeamSnap dashboard.
  4. Click the Divisions tab.
  5. Click the division where the teams will be added (If divisions are not being used skip this step).
  6. If applicable, click the subdivision where the teams will be added.
  7. Click Registration tab.
  8. Click Create Your First Form or +New Registration Form.

    Image of the registration overview screen with the create your first form button.

  9. Name your form.
  10. Select your form template.
    1. Important: Hockey Canada orgs must select the Hockey Canada template to be able to use the Hockey Canada Rostering Connector (HCR).


      Explanation of Template Types

      Basic: This template will get you started with the most basic of basics - first and last names! You can choose to build upon that by adding more fields if needed.

      Standard: The standard form comes with the basic form fields plus some additional default fields, and excludes any custom fields you may have set up within your organization settings. If you have custom fields that you want to be included in member roster details but not have filled out for registration, you'll want to go with this template.

      Standard & Custom (All): This is the form that is selected by default and contains all default form fields plus any custom fields you may have added to your organization's Settings tab in the Custom Fields section.

      Hockey Canada: This form is for organizations that are part of Hockey Canada and would like to include the required fields for membership information. Learn more about Hockey Canada membership validation.

      USA Lacrosse: This form is for organizations that are part of USA Lacrosse and would like to include the required fields for membership verification. Learn more about USA Lacrosse membership validation.

  11. Complete any additional fields that appear for your template selection.
  12. Click Save.

Great work! You've just created your registration form. If you have to leave your form at any point of the setup process, you can easily jump right back in under the Registration tab.

Next Up: Customize Form Fields

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