Registration Set Up: Select Payment Methods and Automatic Adjustments

The payments and adjustments section allows management of payment methods and transaction fee responsibility, installment payments, and fee auto-adjustments. 

TeamSnap does not add any administrative fees onto registration transactions, but there are processing fees if you choose to collect fees online. Optionally, processing fees can be passed on to the registrant to be included in their fees total.

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Enabling Payment Methods & Transaction Fees

  1. Click Registration tab
  2. Click the registration form name or click Edit (skip to step 6)
  3. Click Edit this Registration Form
  4. Click Payments & Adjustments
  5. Click Payment Options
  6. Toggle the switch for the payment method(s) that you'd like to make available for your registrants. As soon as an online payment method is enabled, you can collect payments online but will need to complete set up under the Financials tab in order to have deposits activated. (The Financials tab will not be visible until you turn credit card or ACH payments on in your registration form.)
    1. ACH: This payment method allows registrants to have their payments drafted directly from their bank and is not currently available for installment plan payments, PayPal customers, or Canadian customers. Roster profiles for participants that use this payment method will not be auto-generated until the payment has been processed and received. Roster profiles can be manually generated under the registration form's Completed Registrations list by hovering over the ... Admin button and clicking the +Roster [Participant Name].
    2. Credit Card: Toggle credit cards or ACH to ON here to allow your participants to pay online.
    3. Offline Payments: If you'll accept cash or check payments directly from your registrants, you can click Change Address to edit/enter the league address where offline payment should be sent
  7. Click Save
  8. Optional: Under Transaction Fees, toggle switch to OFF if you prefer for transaction fees to be included in your fee amounts. (Set to ON by default to pass transaction fees on to registrants)
  9. Click Save

Setting Up Installment Payments

  1. Click Installment Payments
  2. Toggle switch on to enable
  3. Select frequency of payments (monthly/twice monthly/custom) in dropdown
    1. Twice monthly/Monthly: Deposit amounts set up here are charged per registrant - if more than one player is registered by a registrant, the deposit is only charged once.
      1. Select number of installments (2-12 maximum) for total fees to be split into in dropdown
      2. Enter deposit amount (optional)
    2. Custom: Deposit amounts set up here are charged per participant - if more than one player is registered by a registrant, the deposit is charged per player registered (so 2x players registered means the deposit is charged 2x). 
      1. Enter custom deposit amount (optional)
      2. Select installment date
        1. Note: If no deposit amount is entered, the first installment will be collected at checkout and the balance will be distributed among the remaining custom installment dates.
      3. Click Add to create additional installments. You can add as many installments as you'd like and the balance will be split evenly among them. A maximum of 20 installments can be added when using the custom installment configuration. This includes the initial deposit plus 19 future scheduled installment payments. 
  4. Click Save
Monthly vs Custom Installment Setup

Creating Automatic Adjustments

  1. Click Auto Adjustments
  2. Click + New Adjustment
  3. Select the custom field that the adjustment will be dependent on
  4. Enter the value that must be entered and matched to trigger the adjustment
    1. Text-type custom fields can have any text value specified
    2. Menu-type custom fields will display the values available for that custom field
    3. Date-type custom fields will display a date selector to set a specific date
    4. Checkbox-type custom fields display yes or no
  5. Enter $ amount that will be added or deducted from each registrant's fees
  6. Click Save 

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