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Understanding Failed Registration Refunds

There are a few reasons why a commissioner may receive a "Refund Failed to Process" message. Here is how to identify the most common causes, and what you can do about them:

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WePay refunds past 120 days

WePay transactions have a 120 day refund eligibility window for refunding payments. (One of the benefits of moving to TeamSnap Integrated Payments system, is that there is no expiration window for submitting credit card refunds.)

How to identify WePay transactions

WePay transaction IDs will be older and all numbers. TeamSnap Integrated Payments transaction IDs are a mix of numbers and letters, and are less likely to be back-dated to 2019. 

How to refund WePay transactions past 120 days

If you ever need to refund a WePay payment that is past the 120 window, you can still refund this payment. To do so, you would need to reach out to the WePay support team with the transaction ID and account details to request the refunds from them directly. These are the WePay support team contact options: Contact WePay Support. When you reach out, it is best to include the following:

  • WePay transaction ID(s) for refund
  • Amount being refunded
  • WePay account number and/or admin email
If you have any trouble finding that information, reach out to your Sports Organization Support team, and they can help!

ACH payments past 90 days

ACH payments have a refund window of 90 days. The pathway to return those funds to the payer's bank expires at that point, and if you wish to refund an ACH payment past that 90 day window, you will want to refund offline and log the refund in TeamSnap. 

How to identify ACH transactions

ACH payments will specify ACH payment type and a bank under the payment Description under the registration Transaction Log:

How to refund ACH transactions past 90 days

After 90 days, ACH payments can only be refunded offline (via cash or check.) You can then log that refund in TeamSnap. Here is how to log offline refunds for registration payments.

Partial refunds with absorbed fees

TeamSnap refunds all transaction fees when a full refund is processed, however partial refunds do not refund transaction fees. Since transaction fees are only refunded for full refunds, a partial refund for less than the full amount that includes some of the transaction fees will not process. Example: If an organization is absorbing transaction fees, and collects a payment of 500.00, 10.00 of which went to transaction fees, that organization can refund 490.00 or 500.00, but not 495.00.

Multiple partial refunds for single transaction 

A transaction can only be refunded once. If all transactions for a registration entry have received refunds or been canceled, that registration can no longer receive online refunds, and any additional refunds must be submitted offline..

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