Managing Member Registrations

Club and league administrators can manage incoming registrations and reporting from the registration form dashboard. 

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Customize Registration List View

  1. Click the Registration tab
  2. Click the form name
  3. Click Manage Columns to select the desired columns to display in the registration list view

Force Complete an In-Progress Registration

  1. Click the Registration tab
  2. Click the form name
  3. Hover over the SnapAction (...) button in the Admin column for the desired participant registration
  4. Select Complete to generate the participant's roster profile and force their In Progress - Checkout registration into Pay Offline - Waiting for Payment status


Edit a Participant Registration

Note: Participants will not be automatically notified of changes made to their registration. You can email participants to let them know of changes that they may need to be aware of or take action on.

  1. Click the Registration tab
  2. Click the form name
  3. Hover over the SnapAction (...) button in the Admin column for the desired participant registration
  4. Select Edit to open the participant's transaction summary where you have the following management options:
  5. Optional: Enter note details and click Add Note
    1. Notes will be automatically added for fee and program adjustments and will be uneditable, only notes you manually add will be editable
    2. Registration emails that have been sent to the participant will be listed below the Registration Notes section
  6. Optional: To change the registered participant fee, click Change
    1. You will be given the option to select whether to reassign the participant to a new division or team if desired.
  7. Optional: To remove a fee or adjustment by click Delete to the right of the fee or adjustment 
  8. Optional: To add a a participant fee to the registration, click the Add Participant Fee button
    1. As an administrator you can override the capacity limits for a participant fee with this function and can check capacity for each of your participant fees in the Participant Fees Overview of your Registration dashboard
  9. Optional: To add an adjustment amount to the fee totals, click the Add Adjustment button 
      WARNING: Installment amounts can not be adjusted using  Add Participant Fee or  Add Adjustment options in the Registration Fees Summary. If a commissioner decreases the amount owed by the registrant, they will want to also decrease the individual installment amounts to match that adjustment. The installment payments can not be increased beyond the amount originally confirmed by the registrant, however the registrant can pay an additional amount in full from their login page once the installment plan has completed, but not before. To read more about Installment Edit options, check out:  Edit Installment Plans.    
    1. Optional: Need to issue a refund?
      1. Click the Refund button to the right of the payment that needs to be refunded 
      2. Click Refund to submit refund for processing
      3. Select Full Refund or Partial Refund (must enter refund amount for partial refunds)
      4. Optional: Select Offline to record an offline refund. Use this option if you would like to send the registrant a cash or check refund instead of refunding through TeamSnap. 
    2. Click Save to finalize any changes made to the participant's registration or transaction details
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