Edit Registration Installment Plans

Sports organization administrators are able to make some adjustments to the installment plans for members that have completed registration entries. 

WARNING: Installment amounts cannot be adjusted using Add Participant Fee or Add Adjustment options in the Registration Fees Summary. Decreasing the amount owed by the registrant requires that the individual installment amounts are also decreased to match that adjustment. Installments cannot be increased beyond the amount originally confirmed by the registrant. Registrants can pay an additional amount in full from their TeamSnap Dashboard once the installment plan has been completed, but not before.

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View a Participant Installment Plan 

  1. Click the Registration tab
  2. Click the form name
  3. Hover over the SnapAction (...) button in the Admin column for the desired participant registration
  4. Select Edit to open the participant's transaction summary.
  5. View your edit options under the installment Admin column. 

Edit an Upcoming Installment Payment

  1. Complete steps 1-5 in the section above
  2. Click Edit for the installment you wish to edit
  3. Click Change installment amount to increase or decrease the amount of the installment payment. 
    1. The new installments total cannot exceed the payment amount the participant originally agreed to pay at checkout. 
  4. Click Cancel this installment to cancel an installment payment
    1. The selected installment amount will be removed from the total owed, but can be added into other scheduled installments.  
  5. Click Change installment date to reschedule the date that an installment will attempt to process
    1. Failed installments can be rescheduled to a future date to be processed. 
    2. The registrant may need to update or reconfirm their payment method

Bulk Postpone Registration Installments

Need to postpone all the upcoming installment dates for all participants on a registration form? Read on to find out how to postpone installments.

  1. Click Registration
  2. Click the desired form name that the installments need to be postponed for
  3. Click the Installments button
  4. Select postponement duration (30/60/90 days)

  5. All remaining installments for the participants on the selected form will be postponed for the selected number of days.
    1. Example: Installments set for 4/15, 5/15, 6/15 postponed for 30 days will be processed 5/15, 6/14, 7/15.
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