Changing a Team Name

Administrators for organizations and teams can update team names under the team Preferences tab.

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Edit Team Name

  1. Log into TeamSnap using a web browser or the Android app.
  2. Enter your team or organization site (org admins only).
    1. Org admins: Navigate to the desired team.
  3. Click the Preferences tab (web) or tap the hamburger menu ꠵ icon (Android).
    Screenshot of the team settings screen.
  4. Click/Tap Team Settings.
  5. Click the Edit button (web only - Android users skip to next step).
  6. Enter the new team name.
  7. Click/Tap Save.

If the team name does not immediately reflect the update, refresh the browser and the edits should be applied.

Common Questions

Why don't I see the Manager tab?

This typically means that the role you are using to access the team doesn't have admin privileges. If you have access to the team with both admin and non-admin profiles, make sure the admin role has been selected to view the team.

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