Selecting Roles From Your Login Dashboard

When you log in to TeamSnap, you will find a list of your roster profile roles on your dashboard. Every time you accept a profile invitation, that accepted invite creates an entry on your dashboard that you can use to view information through that profile. You can have different roles on different organizations or teams, or multiple roles on the same team.

If, for example, you have both a Team Owner role and a Player role on a single team, you can view that team as either a Team Owner or as that Player. When you are viewing the team as a Player, you won't have your Team Owner permissions. 

The role you select will determine privileges you have to add, edit, or delete information. Your role will also change what information you have access to. Each role has its own Messages tab inbox/outbox view (Your Player role won't see the Team Owner messages and the Team Owner role won't see the Player messages.) The name and email address that is associated with messages you send in TeamSnap are pulled from the roster profile/role you are using to access that Messages tab.

For League Commissioners, the highest level of access will always be through the League Commissioner role at the top of your dashboard under "My Organizations." By selecting your League Commissioner role and navigating from within the organization to Divisions and Teams, you can make sure you are always viewing any team or division with your highest-level of administrative permissions. 

To learn how to toggle between team-level profiles from within the team, click here!

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