Registration Capacity and Participant Limit

There are two places that commissioners can set a capacity limit on registration forms.

Participant Fee Capacity Settings

You can put a cap on participant fees to limit how many participants can select a specific fee option. You can find this option under the Registration > Edit > Participant Fee > Fee Capacity Setting. This setting can be configured per fee option, and once met, that fee option will no longer be available for registrants to select.
Every participant with this fee selected will count towards the fee capacity. Commissioners have access to a participant fee capacity overview in their Participant Fees Overview.

If the participant fee is deleted from the completed registration entry, that participant will no longer count towards the fee capacity for that fee option. 
Participant fee capacity settings will not close registration forms. 

Registration Participant Limit 

You can also put a limit on the entire registration form so that the form closes once that number of participants are registered. This can be found under the Registration > Edit > Instructions & Activation tab  > Participant limit. Commissioners can view how many participants are counting towards this limit in registration Participants Overview: 

Refunding or deleting fees will not remove a registered participant from counting towards this limit.

Once the participant limit is met, the form will close, even if participant fee settings have not been reached. 

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