Registration Overview

TeamSnap's registration feature will help you easily get participants registered, paid up, and rostered in your organization so they can love TeamSnap as much as you do! Registration is made up of several parts that will need to be set up, so let's get started! 

First, you'll click the  Registration tab after logging into your TeamSnap club/league account, then move through each of the sections below:

  1. Start a New Registration Form
  2. Managing Your Registration Form Fields
  3. Add and Edit Registration Waivers
  4. Add and Edit Registration Documents
  5.  Set Up Registration Participant Fees and/or
    1. Set Up Form Fees and Fee Adjustments
  6. Set Registration Payment Methods and Automatic Adjustments
  7. Finish and Activate Your Registration Form

Training Webinar

Whether this is your first time using registration, or you just need a refresher before opening new forms for your upcoming season, we have a webinar for you!

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