Add Tournament Administration Members

TeamSnap Tournament admins can add members to their organization under the Users tab. 

Add Tournaments Users

  1. Click the Users tab
  2. Click Add User
  3. Enter member details, including role
  4. Click Send Invite

Boom! That's it! Once they receive their invite via email, they can join your TeamSnap Tournaments organization with the access level granted by the role they have been given.

User Types

Tournament organization members can be granted one or more of the membership types listed below.

Tournament Admins 

Admins are able to access the full admin portal and can manage users, registration, events, scheduling, venues, update scores, communicate to the audience, and push from pool play to bracket play on the mobile app. There is currently no way to restrict admin access to specific events, they will have access to all events within the account.


Assigners are in charge of managing officials, officials assignments, and communication to officials. They will receive notifications when officials accept assignments. Both Admin and Scorekeeper roles will need to have the Assigners role enabled in order to have the ability to manage officials.


Scorekeepers are able to access a limited admin portal and can update scores on the mobile app. They will have access to the Tournaments and Leagues tabs with Manage links for each event with access to the Scores and Results tabs. There is currently no way to restrict scorekeeper access to specific events, they will have access to all events within the account.


Officials are added to officiate games in your tournament events. They can be assigned or granted the option to self-assign themselves to available officiating spots, and are added and managed only by those in the Assigner role.


Participants are any users that join the tournament organization as part of an event. In other words, the coaches, managers, and players.


When an event is published, your event will be available for anyone with the TeamSnap Tournaments app to follow. You'll want to encourage all participants to follow the tournament and to share the instructions to follow with any family and friends that want to track the team's success as well!

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