Creating Custom Roster Fields

This article covers how to add custom fields that will be displayed on your member profiles. For administrators with sports organizations in TeamSnap, custom fields can be created at the team level or at the organization level. Team-level custom fields apply to that specific team's roster only, while organization-level custom fields apply across the organization. 

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Custom Roster Fields for Teams

Administrators have the option to create flexible custom fields to capture roster information that isn’t already baked into the system.

  1. Log in to
  2. Enter your team site
  3. Click the Manager tab
  4. Click the Custom Fields tab
  5. Click the +New Custom Field button
  6. Enter custom field details
    1. Name
    2. Type
    3. Help Text

  7. Click Save

Once the information for those fields has been filled out, either by manual entry for each profile under Optional Player Details or completed via roster import, administrators can view the information for these fields on each roster profile or by pulling a roster export at the team level. Currently, the full roster list view cannot be customized to display custom fields.

Screenshot of an example custom field in roster profile view.
Custom field in roster profile view.

Custom Roster Fields for Sports Organizations

Custom fields that are unique to your organization and its needs can be created by organization administrators under the organization's  Settings tab and can be displayed in member profiles privately or publicly (to other members). Sports organization custom fields can also be created as part setting up a registration form.

  1. Log in to
  2. Enter your organization site
  3. Click the Settings tab
  4. Click Custom Fields
  5. Click New Custom Field 
  6. Enter the custom field name
  7. Select the field type
    1. Text: for data entry of alphanumeric characters
    2. Menu: drop-down list of menu items
      1. Menu options field will appear where selection choices can be entered, separated by commas (e.g. Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large)
    3. Checkbox: single checkbox to be checked or unchecked to indicate Yes/No
    4. Date: drop-down date selection (Month/DD/YYYY)
  8. Enter help text (optional)- This is longer text displayed when the ? next to the field name is hovered over
  9. Select visibility
    1. Teams can view and edit
    2. Teams can view
    3. Hidden from teams
  10. Select the section of existing or future registration forms where the custom field should be displayed going forward
    1. Additional Player Info
    2. Sport Info
    3. Additional Parent Info
  11. Click Save

Note: Custom fields made at the organization level can be viewed on the team level rosters for all plan types except the Free plan. For organizations on the Free plan, custom fields can only be viewed at the org-level Members tab.

Common Questions

Where can I view custom field information that has been filled out?

Organization-level custom field information can be viewed in the Members tab at the org-level, and in the team-level roster profiles for all plans except the Free plan, as well as in the Members tab export. Team-level custom fields are visible in each member's roster profile as well as the team roster export. Neither the Members tab or the Roster tab views can be customized to display custom fields in the roster or member list.

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