Set Up Multiple Contacts Under a Single Roster Member

If you or your roster members have multiple phone numbers or emails, you can add them all! This is also helpful if multiple people need to be listed under the profile to receive team communications, but don't necessarily need to have access to TeamSnap.

When a team administrator adds a new member to the roster, the main profile information is under the member's name. This primary profile can have multiple email addresses and phone numbers that will be displayed under the Roster tab.

When more than one email address is entered in the main profile and invitations are sent out, all emails entered in the profile will be checked in the system to see if they have an existing TeamSnap account. Any emails that are found to have an account will have their invitations auto-accepted and will be instantly granted access to the team. If no account is found for any email, a regular email invitation will be sent for the user to accept. The first email to be accepted/auto-accepted, will be listed in the main profile area while any remaining emails will be moved down to the Family Members section. All accounts will have the same access and permissions to manage the profile.

All users under the profile can mark any of their email addresses and phone numbers as private, which means other members of the team will not be able to view them (however, note that the team owner and manager(s) will always have access to all information marked private).

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