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Deleting Email, Alert, or Posts Messages

Do you want to keep your Message tab manageable by deleting messages you no longer need? The way you go about deleting a message within TeamSnap is dependent upon the  Type of Message you would like to delete.

Delete Emails or Alerts

Available To:
  • Members
  • Team Admins
  • Team Owners
  • Org Admins
  • Org Owners
  • Web app Web
  • iOS app iOS
  • Android app Android
  • Trial
  • Free
  • Basic
  • Premium
  • Ultra
  • United States USA
  • Canada CAN
  • Worldwide Worldwide
  1. Login to TeamSnap from a web browser
  2. Enter your team or organization site
  3. Navigate to the desired Messages tab
  4. Click Emails or Alerts depending upon which message type to are deletingDelete2.png
  5. Click the Inbox button to delete received messages or the Sent button to delete sent messagesdelete3a.png
  6. Select the box next to message that you wish to delete delete3.png
  7. Click the Delete button 
  • Select your messages carefully! Messages cannot be retrieved once they have been deleted.
  • To delete messages that are delivered to your personal email client, you’ll need to log into your email program to delete the copies there. 

Delete Posts

Team members can only delete messages they have posted themselves, while a team administrator can delete an entire topic (thread) or any reply that has been posted.

  1. Login to TeamSnap from a web browser
  2. Enter your team or organization site
  3. Navigate to the desired Messages tab
  4. Click the Posts button
    1. To delete the entire topic:
      1. Select check the box next to the topic you wish to delete>Click the Delete Selected button OR 
      2. Click the topic name>Click the Delete Entire Topic button
    2. To delete a specific reply post:
      1. Click the topic name>Click the Delete button next to the reply you wish to delete   

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