Overview of Message Types

Messages in TeamSnap can be sent by any member or contact with access to a team. Administrators are able to send messages to all members of their team or organization regardless of whether their invitations have been accepted or not. There are four message types available within TeamSnap for communicating to and between members:


Emails are sent to all email addresses listed on a recipient member profile. Along with being sent directly to each recipient's preferred external email program, emails are viewable under the Messages tab in the Emails section to only the sender and the selected recipients. Replies to emails will be sent from the responder's external email program, not through TeamSnap. 


Alerts are sent to members by push notification (if enabled on the device), text message (if enabled for the recipient phone number), or email. Alerts are visible under the Messages tab in the Alerts section only to the sender and the selected recipients.

* The Alerts feature is available for teams using the Basic plan or higher. 


Posts are basically a message board for the team. They can be viewed by the entire team on both the TeamSnap mobile apps and the website. All team members can reply to posts in threads, and if the Broadcast this message box is selected, an email copy of the post will be delivered to all member emails.

Team Chat

Team Chat is only available in our mobile apps. When members chat, a push notification is sent to all members who have downloaded the TeamSnap app and have enabled notifications for chat. The message can also be viewed on the mobile apps under Messages>Team Chat. Team Chat messages are public to all members and contacts with access to the team. It is not possible to have a private chat amongst specific team members. 

Direct Messages

Direct messages allow you to privately message one or more recipients. This feature is only available in our mobile apps.

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