Send and Reply to Emails in TeamSnap

TeamSnap allows members to send emails to one or more members from the Messages tab on both the web and mobile applications. When you use the Messages tab on the web application to compose email messages, there is a formatting toolbar built in to the message editor. 

Use the formatting options in the toolbar to add formatting such as colored fonts, hyperlinks, bold, bulleted lists, etc.

Email Formatting Tips

  • Use the built in editor on the Messages tab to format your message.
  • For best results, do not copy and paste from an outside source as this may result in formatting that looks off.
    • If you must copy and paste from another source try to paste without formatting.
      • To paste without including formatting, use these paste shortcuts: 
        • Mac command-shift-v
        • Windows: ctrl-shift-v 
  • Formatting such as fonts, colors, etc. can only be set up and viewed from the web app, not from the mobile app. 
  • A hard return (Enter) will result in double spacing. 
  • For single spacing, use the Shift + Enter.
  • To insert a link in your message, highlight the desired link text and click the chainlink icon in the formatting toolbar. You can then enter or paste the URL you'd like to link to.

Send an Email (web)

  1. Log in to TeamSnap from a web browser 
  2. Enter your team or organization site (org admins only)
  3. Click the Messages tab
  4. Click Emails 
  5. Click the + New Email button 
  6. Enter your email subject and message body
  7. Select your Recipients 
    1. Only team members with their emails enabled to receive messages on their roster profile will be available for selection.
  8. Optional: Click the Add File button to add an attachment to your message
    1. You can add multiple attachments to an email message, the maximum combined file size is 20 MB. The functionality to send or view an attachment is not available in the mobile app.
  9. Click Send Email 

Send an Email  (mobile)

  1. Open the TeamSnap app 
  2. Tap your team or organization (org admins only) name 
  3. Navigate to the message menu item
  4. Tap the + icon and select New Email
  5. Tap the To field and select your recipients 
  6. Tap the check mark icon
  7. Enter a subject and Compose your message
  8. Tap Send for iOS or for Android tap the image in the upper right
Tip: When sending a message it is a good idea to send a copy to yourself. To do this from the web application check the box that says "Send me a copy'. To do this via the mobile app select yourself from the recipient list.

Reply to a TeamSnap Email 

Email replies cannot currently be sent using the TeamSnap Messages tab. To reply to emails sent through TeamSnap you need to go to your email program (gmail, yahoo, etc.) and use the reply button in your email program. All emails sent within TeamSnap come from a special address however when you click the reply button in your email program, the replies go back to the sender.  

  1. When you click reply the TO: field will display our 'donotreply' email address
  2. The recipient's email address is embedded in this email.  Your reply will go directly to their inbox, circumventing the TeamSnap Message / email tab

As an alternative some folks have found that using the "Send to Others" option that is found in the web application Messages tab helpful for when they'd like to reply to a team level message from the web app. 

  1. Log in to TeamSnap from a web browser 
  2. Click the Messages tab
  3. Click Emails 
  4. Open the message that you received and would like to "reply to"
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the email
  6. Click Send to Others
  7. Add your message to the newly opened version of the email
  8. Choose recipients to include the original sender and/or others
  9. Click Send Email
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