Finish and Activate Your Registration Form

This article covers how to finish up and activate your organization's registration form. If you need to assign registrants to rosters, make sure you check the box in step 8.

  1. Log into TeamSnap

  2. Enter your club or league under the My Leagues section of the Dashboard screen
  3. Click the Registration tab
  4. Click the Edit button
  5. Click the Instructions &Activation button
  6. Click Use Dates to set form open/close dates
    (00:00 is midnight and the start of the day)
    1. Set open date and time
    2. Set close date and time
    3. Click Ignore Dates to remove registration open/close dates
  7. Optional: Select the checkbox for Participant Limit to limit the total number of registrants the form will allow before automatically closing
  8. Optional: Select the checkbox for Create Members to create a roster profile for the participants once they complete registration that can be rostered to a division or team
  9. Optional: Turn on auto rostering to automatically roster registrants to a specified division or team in pending status
    1. Select the checkbox for Auto Rostering to set up automatic rostering for the program option
    2. In the dropdown that appears, select the destination division or team where registrants will be rostered
    3. Click Save
  10. Optional: Enter custom instructions (no formatting or images)
    1. Participant Info Instructions
    2. Document & Waiver Instructions
    3. Registration Fee Instructions
    4. Checkout Instructions
    5. Pay Offline Instructions
    6. Payment Complete Instructions
    7. What's Next Instructions
      Tip: Want to customize the instructions a bit further? You can use certain html tags like <a> for adding hyperlinks, <b> or <strong> for bolding, and <em> for emphasizing text within your instructions.

  11. Click Save

What's Next

Once your form is created, saved, and activated, a link to provide public access will be generated. You can find this on the registration dashboard screen. This link can be shared via email or posted to your public website to be shared with participants. 

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