Manage Participant Registrations

Club and league administrators can manage incoming registrations and reporting from the registration form dashboard. 

Participant Registration Administrative Actions

  1. Click the Registration tab
  2. Click the form name
  3. Click the SnapAction button in the Admin column for the desired participant registration
  4. Select the appropriate action you'd like to take on that registrationinprogress-snapactions.png
    1. Complete: (In-Progress registrations only) Generates the participant's roster profile and forces In Progress - Checkout registrations into Pay Offline - Waiting for Payment status
    2. Edit: Opens the participant's transaction summary where you have the following registration management options:
      1. Enter notes in the Registration Notes field and click Add Note
      2. View registration emails sent to the participant below Registration Notes
      3. Click Delete to the right of a registration fee or adjustment in the Registration Fees Summary section to remove a fee or adjustment from that participant's registration
      4. Enter a description and adjustment amount in the fields below the fees subtotal and click Apply to add an adjustment
      5. Click the Remaining Payment Amount field and enter the remaining fees due to manually adjust the remaining payment amount
      6. If payment has been completed offline, click the Registrant is paid in full? checkbox
      7. Need to issue a refund?
        1. Click the Refund button to the right of the payment that needs to be refunded 
        2. Select Full Refund or Partial Refund Amount (must enter refund amount for partial refunds)
        3. Click Refund to submit refund for processing
      8. Click Save to finalize any changes made to the participant's registration transactions.
    3. Email: Opens pop-up for messaging the selected registrant
      1. The message is sent to the email address of the user account that the registration was started under - does not go to the email address entered in the registration form for the participant
    4. Delete: Deletes the participant's registration and registration information. This action is only available for unpaid registrations and cannot be reversed.

General Administrative Registration Actions

In addition to the above participant-specific registration administration actions, organization administrators have the following functions available for each registration list:

Search/Filter Participant Registrations

  1. Click the Registration tab
  2. Click the form name
  3. Enter a search term in the Search Registrations field to filter your list to registrations that match

Customize Registration List View

  1. Click the Registration tab
  2. Click the form name
  3. Click Manage Columns to select the desired columns to display in the registration list view

Reporting Exports

  1. Click the Registration tab
  2. Click the form name
  3. Click the Export button
  4. Select the desired report export
    1. Export Current Page: Generates registration report file of current page view for registration list
    2. Note: Make sure you use the Search field to filter the list and/or select the columns you'd like included in your export under the Manage Columns button before you click Export Current Page
    3. Export CSV: Generates registration report file for the full registrations tab that you are on (incomplete/complete)
    4. Export Fees: Generates registration fee summary report
    5. Export Waivers: Generates CSV waiver data export

Communicate with Registrants

Message all or filtered lists of registrants from either the Completed or In-progress registration tabs. Emails are truncated at 250 characters and are saved in the Registration Notes section for each registrant. Administrators can view previous communication history sent by all administrators.

  1. Click the Registration tab
  2. Click the form name
  3. Click the preferred registration list (in progress or completed registrations)
  4. Click the Email button
  5. Select All In Progress (visible only for the In Progress Registrations list) or All Completed (visible only for the Completed Registrations list) to message all participants within the selected list view group or select Current Page to message only the participants currently displayed on the list view page.
  6. Enter Subject and Body of your message
  7. Click Send

Sent messages can be viewed within participant details screen that is displayed when you select the Edit option under the admin SnapActions button.