Add Website Builder Users

User Roles

Site administrators can add additional administrators and users to their TeamSnap Website. Website Builder utilizes WordPress' user roles with the following permissions:

Administrator - They can do all the things. Administrators can perform all administrative tasks within their site.

Editor - They can do most things. Editors can publish, edit, or delete any page or post, including those labeled “private” and the posts of other users. They cannot activate plugins or alter the overall look of the site.

Author - They can create, publish, and edit their own posts and access the Media Library. And that's it. Excellent choice for a coach's corner or specific team blog.

Contributor -  They can write, edit, and delete their own unpublished posts. Their content must be reviewed and published by an Admin or Editor.

Subscriber - This is primarily used for blogging sites, and usually left unused for Sports Organizations on the TeamSnap platform, though it's still available. These types of users can only manage their site profile.

Most organizations primarily utilize the administrator, editor, and author roles.

Add Users

  1.  Click the User tab
  2. Click the Add New button
  3. Scroll to the Add New User section
  4. Enter a Username
  5. Enter the new user's email address
  6. Select Role (Admin, Editor, etc)
  7. Click Add New User

This will send the new user a confirmation email to finish creating their account. Note this email may appear in the Updates or Junk folder of their inbox.