Export Registration Reports

Club & League commissioners and organization owners can export registration entry and fee selection data for completed and in-progress entries under the Registration tab.

Note: Registration exports will only include data entered at the time of registration. Any information added to a participant's roster profile after registration will not be included and should be pulled using the Roster Export.
  1. Click the Registration tab
  2. Click the form name
  3. Click the Export button
  4. Select the desired report export
    1. Export Current Page: Generates registration report file of current page view for registration list 
      1. You can use the Search field to filter the list and/or select the columns you'd like included in your export under the Manage Columns button to customize the content of this export before you click Export Current Page.
    2. Export CSV: Generates a registration report file for the full registrations tab that you are on (incomplete/complete)
    3. Export Fees: Generates registration fee/program summary report
    4. Export Waivers: Generates CSV waiver data export

Registration exports will be delivered to your TeamSnap account email (the email address you use to log into your account).

Having trouble receiving your export? Be sure you're not behind a firewall when you request and try to receive your exports. If you registration form title has any special characters (example: ",-$%*#) remove these from the title and request the export again. 
Tip: For reports on all Registration and Invoicing online payments and deposits, check out your Financials Reports.
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