Delete Registration or Profile

Note: Since registration fees are a financial transaction, deleting completed registration forms is not an option within TeamSnap unless no fees were associated with the registration form or the registrant (parent) chose to Pay Offline.  However, you can have roster profiles not created for specific players within your registration forms so that they are not rostered onto a team and into the league.

Delete Registration Entry

If there are no fees associated with your registration form, or if the registrant (parent) chose to Pay Offline, you can delete the registration entry with these steps:

  • Locate the name of the player on your registration dashboard under Completed Registrations.  
  • Hover over "..." under Admin.
  • Click Delete. It will then delete the registration.  

Delete Registration-Generated Profiles 

Member profiles can be deleted under your organization's Directory tab. You can use the Delete button under the Manager column to delete a single profile. To delete multiple profiles, check-mark the profiles you want to delete, and select Delete from the Bulk Actions list. 

Warning: Deleting profiles is a permanent edit that can not be undone. 

Refund Registration Entry

If there are online payments for a registration entry, that registration entry can not be deleted. It can, however, be refunded. If, for example if a registrant (parent) accidentally registered the same player twice on the same registration form, or if they accidentally registered two players when they only wanted to register one, you may want to refund. You can do so using these steps:

  • Locate the name of the player on your registration dashboard under Completed Registrations.  
  • Hover over "..." under Admin.
  • Click Edit.
  • Next to the charge, click Refund and then Full Refund.  If you check Remove registrants form the roster? this will delete the generated roster profile for you.  Click Refund

Now that the players are not rostered anymore and the registrants (parents) have been fully refunded, the parent may now re-register their players.  

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