View and Subscribe to Combined TeamSnap Schedule

For those on multiple teams within TeamSnap, you can view and subscribe to a combined schedule view across all of the TeamSnap teams you are a member of! Using the steps below, you'll be able to view your full TeamSnap calendar, and from the web app you can subscribe to the full schedule or to just the games and events you've marked yourself "Available" for. 

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View and Subscribe to Combined TeamSnap Schedule (web)

  1. Login to TeamSnap from a web browser
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the TeamSnap Dashboard screen and click the Go to My Full Schedule buttonScreenshot of the Go To My Full Schedule button.
  3. Click the Subscribe/Export Button in the upper right
  4. Depending on the calendar program you are using, you can use the Subscribe to this calendar button to add the option of your choice to your calendar OR you can copy the internet calendar (ical) link, then paste the link following the instructions for your calendar program.
    1. All games and events
      1. This will allow you to copy a single internet calendar link for you to add to your calendar program. This comes in handy if you are a member of multiple teams and you'd like to subscribe one time to all of your teams. 
    2. Games and events you plan to attend 
      1. For teams using Availability, this option will remove any games or events that you have marked as "No, I'm not going" with a red X from your personal calendar.
    3. Just games 
      1. Use this option if you'd only like to have schedule items set up as Games added to your personal calendar. Screenshot of the full schedule subscription options screen.

View Combined TeamSnap Schedule (mobile)

  1. Open the TeamSnap app
  2. Tap the team name at the top of the screen
  3. Android, skip to step 4. iOS, tap See All Teams...
  4. Tap Upcoming Schedule (Android) or All Team Schedule (iOS)

Behold your combined schedule for all TeamSnap teams you are a member of! (The combined schedule subscription can only be set up from a web browser using the steps in the section above.)