Manage Team Invoices and Payments

This article is for team administrators and goes over how to create, view, and refund invoices and payments for the team level Payments tab. 

In order to create invoices, teams on Free and Trial plans must complete the initial WePay account set up. Check out Set Up WePay for Team Payments to learn more!

Own multiple teams? You can set up multiple teams using your WePay credentials to keep them all under the same account, just be sure to enter the email you use for your WePay login when setting up each team. 

Note: Payments for teams is available through the mobile app for users in the US and Canada only.

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Create Invoice

  1. Open mobile app
  2. Tap hamburger menu (Android) or ...More (iOS)
  3. Tap Payments 
  4. Tap the + floating icon in the bottom right corner (Android) or the + in the top right of the screen (iOS)
  5. Enter invoice details
    1. Tap Recipients to select members to assign invoice to (Anyone who has the invoice link can submit payment (no sign in required). All contacts under a selected roster member will get the invoice email & My Invoices notification.
    2. Tap Invoice Title to enter a unique identifying name for the team invoice
    3. Tap Amount Due to enter the amount to be invoiced to each selected recipient
      1. Accepting Online Payments? Processing fees for online payments are passed on to the recipient of the invoice.
      2. Members that pay an invoice with a credit card through WePay are charged 2.99% plus .99 cents per transaction. This transaction fee is charged to the member making the payment. 
    4. Tap Due Date to select the invoice payment due date
    5. Optional: Tap Invoice Description to provide additional information about the invoice details
    6. Optional: Tap to deselect/turn off the Email Recipients to refrain from sending out the invoice emails right away (this is selected/turned on by default)
  6. Tap the checkmark save icon (Android) or Save (iOS) in the top right of the screen to save and send the invoice if Email Recipients was selected
iOS Android

View Invoices

  1. Open mobile app
  2. Tap hamburger menu (Android) or ...More (iOS)
  3. Tap Payments 
  4. Optional: Tap member name to view invoice details, status, and payment details for paid invoices
    1. Optional: Tap the three-dot menu in the top right corner
      1. Tap Resend Invoice to resend the invoice to the selected members
  5. Optional: Tap Batches to view invoices by batch
    1. Optional: Tap the three-dot menu in the top right corner
      1. Tap Add Recipients to select additional members to send the invoice to
      2. Tap Resend Invoices to resend the invoice to all invoiced members

Refund Team Invoice Payment

Refund online through WePay to have the submitted payment electronically refunded to the specified member's payment card. If you refund the payment via cash or check offline to the member, you can enter that within the TeamSnap mobile app by following the steps below:

  1. Open mobile app
  2. Tap hamburger menu (Android) or ...More (iOS)
  3. Tap Payments 
  4. Under MEMBERS, tap the member to be refunded
  5. Tap Paid
  6. Tap the invoice for the payment that needs to be refunded
  7. On the invoice details screen, under Payment Log, tap the payment to be refunded
  8. On the Payment Details screen, scroll to the bottom and tap REFUND PAYMENT
  9. Enter the refund details
    1. Refund amount
    2. Optional note
    3. Select whether the offline refund is given as cash or check
  10. Tap SAVE

Cancel an Invoice

  1. Log into your team
  2. Tap on New Payments
  3. Tap on Batches
  4. Tap on the invoice you wish to cancel
  5. Tap the additional menu options in the upper right
  6. Choose the cancel invoice option.
Note: You can not cancel an invoice that has accepted online payments. You will first need to refund the invoices that have been paid.
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