Update Roster Information

This article covers updating the information displayed in your roster profile. Need to update your account email instead? Read Updating Account Email or Password

TeamSnap's roster card displays contact information separately from member roster information like name, jersey number, birthdate, etc. Additional contacts and family members are listed under Contact Information. Is your contact information outdated, duplicated, or jumbled? Simply take a moment to edit and adjust your information following the steps below.

  1. Log into TeamSnap
  2. Click your roster name below the team name to enter the team site
  3. Click the Roster tab
  4. Click on member name
  5. Click Edit
  6. Add/edit information as needed. We highly recommend entering info into the Who's This? label field to help identify contact information when viewing your roster list.
    Note: Can't edit a person's name? That's because they have an account and their information can only be edited from that account.


  7. Click Save