Team Transfers for Sports Organizations

A team transfer is the process of moving a team from an independent state to being part of a larger sports organization site within TeamSnap. This process can be completed by our support team once onboarding is completed for new organizations that need to get independent teams onto their organization plan. 


  • You are the owner/admin of a sports organization with a TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues account.
  • The divisions in the organization where teams will be transferred to have been created.
  • There are teams that should be part of the organization account that are already set up in TeamSnap as independent teams with their own billing plans.

Team Transfers

  1. Review your organization structure and make sure you have set up your programs, seasons, and divisions in a way that makes the most sense for the way you run your organization. 
  2. Email with the subject line "Team Transfers" and a message notifying our team that you need a team transfer form created for your organization.
  3. You will receive a link to send to all of the existing TeamSnap team owners whose teams need to be transferred into the organization account. 
    1. This link grants our team authorization to transfer ownership of the team into the new organization account and is required for every team that must be transferred in. The form must be completed by the team owner for the authorization to be valid. 
  4. Teams will be transferred into the organization account within 24-48 hours (not including weekends).
    1. Any transferred teams on a paid annual plan will have a prorated refund issued to the original card used to pay for the team plan. Refunds are not issued for paid monthly plans.

Alternative Organization Restructuring Options

  • You can reassign roster profiles to different teams using the Rostering tab. 
  • You can rename divisions or teams as a way of restructuring. Divisions can be renamed using the 3-dot menu in the Admin column of the Divisions tab, while teams can be renamed under their respective Manager tab. 
  • You can also utilize the archive process to remove data from an active season and save it in an archived season, and start a new season where you can create a fresh structure, etc.