Removing a team from your account

This article covers the various options for removing a team from your TeamSnap account. Each option results in a different outcome, so be sure to review all options before proceeding. 

If you are attempting to delete your entire TeamSnap account, you will need to contact support for assistance.

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Removing a team you are a member of

When you are a member of a team, you can remove it from your TeamSnap account by leaving the team, as long as you are not the team owner and are the main contact on the roster profile. If you are a secondary contact with access, you will not see the option to leave the team and will need to follow the steps under "Leaving a Team for Member Contacts".

If you want to stay on the team but hide it from your My Teams list, you can hide it using our mobile app.

Leaving the team you are on will remove your access to the team and remove your member profile from the roster. The team will be removed from the My Teams section of your TeamSnap dashboard screen. To regain access to the team you will need to be added and invited with a new profile by a team administrator.

  1. Log into TeamSnap using a web browser.
  2. Hover over the Account button at the top right of your screen.
  3. Click Manage My Teams.
  4. Click on the name of the team you are leaving in the left-hand column of the screen (if you are only on one team you can skip this step).
    1. If you do not see the team listed under Manage My Teams, this means that you are on the team as a member contact. 
  5. Click Leave the Team for the team you are leaving.

Removing a team for member contacts

If the team you want to have removed does not appear under the account screen, then you are likely listed as a secondary contact for a roster member on that team. You will need to remove yourself as a contact from the roster profile you are listed on. This will remove the team from your and you will lose access to the team. To regain access at any time you will need to be re-added and invited by the roster member or a team manager. 

  1. Log into TeamSnap using a web browser
  2. Click the player name next to Contact below the team name on the TeamSnap Dashboard
  3. Click Roster tab (Member tab for non-sporting teams)
  4. Click your roster member's name or click the Manage My Player Info button
  5. Click Edit
  6. Click the red X to the right of your contact entry (clicking the X for your email or phone number will not remove you from the team) and click Delete to confirm


Removing a team that you own

First, let's touch on why you may or may not want to retire vs. delete your team, or take another route entirely. (If you've already made your decision, feel free to skip down to the instruction steps below.)

When to retire

If you are the team owner and are finished with your team, you can retire the team from active status. This will remove the team from all members’ list of active teams, it will cancel future billing, and save a read-only copy of the team that you can continue to access in the TeamSnap dashboard in the browser version of TeamSnap.

When to delete

We do not recommend doing this, except in cases where perhaps you created a team by mistake when you were trying to join a team or were trying to do something else. Why? Well the only way you will even see the option to delete a team is if the roster and schedule are empty. Please keep in mind that deleting a team removes it permanently, and it cannot be retrieved or accessed ever again. It will be gone. We will have no way to get it back. Really. Delete means delete. If you feel any apprehension towards deleting a team, we strongly advise against it. If you do it, we really can't do anything to bring it back later. Really.

Alternative to retiring or deleting your team

If you're not positive that you want to completely get rid of your team right now, you can always go inactive for the off-season by setting your team to the free plan. This will immediately stop all billing immediately and hide some of the paid  features,  but will allow you to keep your team active and the team data available for when/if you decide to upgrade back to a paid plan again. 

If you've settled on retiring or deleting the team, please follow the steps below.

  1. Log into TeamSnap using a web browser.
  2. Hover over the Account button at the top right of your screen.
  3. Click Manage My Teams.
  4. Click on the name of the team to be retired or deleted in the left-hand column of the screen (if you only have one team you can skip this).
  5. Reminders:
    1. Retiring permanently deactivates the team and all its data, and sets the team to the free plan.
    2. Deleting permanently removes the team and all its data. Seriously this is permanent. It cannot be undone. No backsies. 
  6. Click the Retire this Team or Delete this Team (The option to delete will only be displayed if the team roster and schedule are empty.).
  7. When deleting, you'll have to enter the team name in the pop-up to confirm your choice to delete.

Removing a team from your organization

If you want to remove a single team from your active organization season without creating a new team season, you can either permanently retire or delete the team. 

Retiring an organization team will save your team as a past season in much the same way that archiving a team does. The difference is that retiring a team will not carry over any information into a new season. 

Deleting an organization team will permanently erase all team data. As an administrator, before you delete a team under your organization, confirm that the team is completely finished and no longer needed. When a team is deleted from the organization, all associated team data, including the player roster profiles, are deleted along with the team. Deleted team data cannot be retrieved! 

Attention: When retiring teams, any member (including administrators) that will need access to the team after it has been retired must be added and join as a member of the team roster before the team is retired, if they are not already on the roster for that team. 

  1. Log into TeamSnap using a web browser.
  2. Click your organization name in the My Organizations section of the TeamSnap Dashboard.
  3. Click the Divisions tab (or the Teams tab if you have no divisions set up).
    1. If you have subdivisions set up, navigate down to the subdivision where the team you'd like to remove is listed.
  4. Locate the team to be removed.
  5. Hover over the 3-dot Actions button to the right of the desired team.
  6. Select Retire or Delete.

If you are receiving an error message indicating that the team cannot be deleted, this is because there are organization-wide events attached to the active or an archived season. In that case, you should retire the team.

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