Manage Team Billing & Plans

Note: Plan and billing management can only be performed by the team owner. TeamSnap bills per team based on the plan you choose to suit each separate team's needs - it is not based on your account. You will need to select a plan for each team that you are the owner of. Team billing changes are reflected immediately. 

Seasons end, additional features are needed, billing needs to be canceled - there are many reasons you need to manage your team billing. Team owners can view future and past team billing dates, update credit card billing information, and change the team plan. Here's how:

  1. Log into TeamSnap
  2. Hover over Account button (top right-hand corner)
  3. Click Billing & Plans
  4. Click Team Billing & Plans
    • Team plan and billing dates are displayed in the Billing details section
    • Billing history is available at the bottom of the screen
  5. Click Change or Update this Card to edit credit card information (skip this step if card update is not needed)
    1. Update credit card information fields
    2. Click Save
  6. Click Change Plan for the appropriate team (ignore this step if plan change is not needed)

    Attention: Plan changes are immediate, so do not turn off your plan until you are finished using your paid features. 
    1. Select plan and billing frequency Each plan has Monthly or Annual billing options. 
      1. Annual Plans are displayed when you first see this screen. Select the Monthly Plans tab to switch your billing type. 
      2. Choose Free Plan is located in the banner across the top of the screen. Free plan selection will stop billing and store team data from paid features for future use. Please note, team photos will only be stored for 30 days after a downgrade, but can easily be downloaded from your account during that 30-day period

  7. Click Stop Billing for the appropriate team (ignore this step if billing does not need to be stopped)
    1. The team will immediately be placed on the Free Plan, stop billing, and store team data from paid features for future use
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