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Deleting your TeamSnap account means you will not be able to sign into any TeamSnap teams or groups in the future, and your account and billing information will be permanently removed.

Warning: Once deleted, accounts cannot be recovered or restored.

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Alternatives to deleting your account

If you would like to keep your user account available for the future, you can:

If you are the owner of a team that needs to remain active after you delete your account, you can:

Requesting account deletion via the mobile app

You can initiate your account deletion request using the TeamSnap mobile app on iOS or Android. This is the recommended method of requesting to delete your account.

Attention: TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues organization owners cannot request account deletion through the mobile app unless ownership of the organization is transferred.

  1. Log into your account on the TeamSnap mobile app.
  2. Tap the hamburger menu icon (Android) or the ... More menu icon (iOS).
  3. Tap My Account.
  4. Tap Delete Account.
  5. Team owners (if not a team owner, skip to the next step): Read all the information presented on the screen and then tap Continue to Account Deletion.
    1. For team owners, the teams you own at the time of the request will be retired if active and deleted if inactive. To keep an active team from being retired, you can transfer ownership of the team.
  6. Tap Request Account Deletion.
  7. Confirm by typing "DELETE ACCOUNT" in the space provided, then tap Confirm Account Deletion.
  8. You will receive an email confirming the account deletion request.
    1. Deletion requests can be canceled via the app or the confirmation email up to 7 days after the request is submitted.
    2. TeamSnap Plus customers will also need to cancel their TeamSnap Plus subscription.

Requesting account deletion via TeamSnap support

Submitting an account deletion request directly to our support team requires several steps to be completed before the request can be accepted:

Attention: An account with active team or organization roles associated with it cannot be deleted.

Once you no longer have any active teams or organizations associated with your account, please reach out to our support team with the following information:

  • the email username on the account is to be closed
  • confirmation that you have deactivated and removed all active teams
  • explicitly state that you would like your TeamSnap account permanently deleted

Our support team will then confirm and take the appropriate steps to close your account.

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