Close and Delete Your TeamSnap Account


Before you make your final decision to leave, we wanted to remind you that TeamSnap is for more than just sports teams, and keeping your account (even if you don't actively use it) makes it easy for you to join a team or group in the future.

If you would like to keep your user account active for the future, here's a list of options that may work better for you than deleting your account:

Attention: An account with active team or organization roles associated with it cannot be deleted. Please follow the steps to leave or deactivate teams prior to contacting support to complete the deletion process. 

If you are still ready to leave TeamSnap, we understand and our support team is here to help! Before we can do so, you will need to leave any teams you are currently a member of. If you own any teams, you will need to transfer ownership of the team(s) to another roster member or retire the team(s).

Once you no longer have any active teams or organizations associated with your account, please reach out to our support team with the TeamSnap email username that you would like deleted, and confirm that you have deactivated and removed all active teams and would like your TeamSnap account permanently deleted.