Add an Additional Team to Your Account

Need to add a second or third team to your existing login? TeamSnap is here to help you keep everything straight all from one account!

Anytime you need access to a new team, you will need an invitation to join that team. If you do not have one, you will need to reach out to the team manager for access. Once the invitation has been sent you will either have it auto-accepted by the system (for existing accounts) or you will need to accept it:

  1. Click on the Join link in your invitation
  2. Enter your username/password to Sign In
  3. This will link the new team to your existing account.

If you believe the system auto-accepted your invitation for your existing account but are still not seeing the team, try logging out of TeamSnap and log back in to refresh the information. If you continue to have any trouble accessing your additional team just reach out to TeamSnap support.