Enable New TeamSnap Modules for Org Admin (Beta) Accounts

We have rewritten our TeamSnap WordPress plug-in to increase reliability, decrease loading times, and make your overall experience easier to maintain! How does this affect you? During our transition period all users currently using the old modules will need to update all of their modules using the step-by-step instructions below.

Note: This guide is only for organizations participating in the Org Admin (multi-program beta). If that doesn't ring a bell, please check out Update From Legacy Modules To Our New TeamSnap Modules to get started with your new TeamSnap Modules.

Not sure if your need to update your modules? When you edit your existing modules within PageBuilder, if you see Legacy in the module name, it is an old module:

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Add your Organization Admin ID to TeamSnap Settings in WordPress

To configure the new TeamSnap plug-in, you will need to copy and paste your Org Admin ID into the corresponding fields.   

Step 1: Pull your Organization Admin ID 

The Org Admin ID number is included in the URL when accessing the organization level from a web browser, it is found immediately after https://organization.teamsnap.com/organizations/  

In the example shown above, the Org Admin ID is 2196. Once you have your organization's Org Admin ID, proceed to Step 2. 

Step 2: Paste Org Admin ID into New Plugin Settings 

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Click on TeamSnap Settings from the left navigation bar
  3. Enter the Org Admin ID into the Org Admin ID field. 
    Note: Org Admin (participating in the multi-program beta) customers should only enter theOrg Admin ID - not the UUID.

  4. Click Save Changes

Attention: If you do not see the new TeamSnap Settings tab to enter this information, the module may still need to be activated by your Website Support team. You can reach out with these options. 

Replace Modules with New Versions

  1. Navigate to a page with existing TeamSnap modules
  2. Open PageBuilder
  3. Optional: Review and note your settings within the old module so that you can set them up the same within the new module
  4. Remove the old module by clicking "x" on the top right
  5. Under Standard Modules within PageBuilder, scroll down to New TeamSnap Modules

  6. Drag and drop the new modules onto your page. Configure the module settings
  7. Save and Publish all updates
  8. Repeat the steps under the section  Replace Modules with New Versions anywhere you have the old modules on your website
  9. You're all set! 

All updates will need to be made before we retire the old modules on April 15, 2021.