Setting up program seasons

Attention: This article is for organization administrators on TeamSnap for Business. Check your version at the bottom of your organization screen.

The first season you create under a program should be set up with everything the way you want, like registration forms, financials, etc. Once you have set up your first season as the ideal, you can opt to copy the existing season.

  1. Log into your account at
  2. Click Programs.

  3. Click the program you are creating the season for.
  4. Click + Create New Season.

  5. Enter the season name.
  6. Optional: Enter a season start date.
  7. Optional: Enter a season end date.
  8. Note: The season creation screen will display any attributes you have applied to the program the season is being created under. Once you click the Create Season button, those attributes will be used to automatically create divisions. 
    1. The best practice is to have 30 or fewer divisions in a program season. We recommend grouping large numbers (over 30) of divisions into separate programs. You can calculate how many divisions will be created by multiplying the number of selections you make from each program attribute group. For example, if you select 2 competition genders, 6 age divisions, and 3 competition levels for a single program that would be 2 x 6 x 2 = 24, which means 24 divisions would be created. Selecting 3 competition genders combined with 12 age divisions (3 x 12) would create 36 divisions. Learn more about how program attributes are used.

    2. If you have existing seasons under the program you will see the option to either copy information from a prior season or start fresh for the new season. Learn more about copying a season.

  9. Click Create Season.

What's Next

If program attributes were selected during program creation, divisions will automatically be created under the season for you and you can jump right into creating teams. If you opted out of automatic division creation by not selecting any program attributes, you can manually create your divisions in your newly created season.

If you are in the process of setting up your organization for the first time, your next step should be to fully set up your new season's registration forms, financial settings, and then the divisions and teams. This is because if you need to create another season under the same program, you can use the copy season functionality to bring copies of those items to the new season and avoid having to manually recreate them.

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