Benefits of upgrading to TeamSnap for Business

Existing users on TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues can now elevate their organizational capabilities by upgrading to TeamSnap for Business. For further details, please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues

TeamSnap for Business

Enhanced organizational framework

  • Utilizes divisions and subdivisions to structure age divisions, genders, and competition levels.
  • Divisions > Subdivisions > Teams

Introduces programs and seasons, simplifying complex divisional hierarchies. Discover more about our streamlined program structuring.
  • Programs > Seasons > Divisions > Teams

Advanced permissions and staff management

  • Limited roles/permissions with specific processes for administrator assignment.
  • Organization owner holds exclusive rights for granting administrative roles.

Introduces a dedicated staff management tab equipped with enhanced roles and permissions to fortify financial data security, restrict access to sensitive financial information, and provide greater flexibility in overseeing organization management. Learn more about staff management.

Refined financial management

Single deposit account per organization with basic financial report capabilities.
Offers multiple deposit accounts under each program, providing extensive financial reporting and exports with additional filtering options. Explore detailed insights into financials.

Streamlined member management

Operates multiple tabs (Members, Directory) for member management.
Centralizes participants view into a single profile with comprehensive historical member and registration data for streamlined governance.

Centralized communication

Accesses messaging differently across seasons with limited visibility into admin senders.
Allows unified messaging across past and current seasons with sender identification for heightened security.

Improved registration experience

(when upgrading to the newest registration version)
Creates registration forms at the organization level, impacting program and registration group management.
Provides program-specific registration forms, enabling enhanced organization and structure.

Optimized seasonal operations

Works with a single-season view, with archiving between seasons recommended.
Introduces a multi-season view within programs, simplifying season creation and archiving processes.
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