Manage Club and League Payment Method

Note: Club and League account billing can only be managed by the League Owner through the browser version of TeamSnap.
  1. Log into from a web browser
  2. Hover over Account button (top right corner) OR skip to step 3 
    1. Click Billing & Plans
    2. Click Club & League Plans
    3. Click Manage Plan button for the appropriate club/league
  3. Click league name under the My Leagues section of the dashboard
    1. Hover over Account button (top right corner)
    2. Click Manage Club & League Plan
  4. Click Add New Credit Card
  5. Enter credit card information
  6. Click Add Credit Card
    1. If multiple cards are entered, only one card can be set as the default payment method
    2. Click Make Default to change the default payment card
      Note: Default payment card cannot be removed
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