Archiving a team season

Archiving team data is a task for team admins when transitioning between seasons. This article simplifies the process, making it easier to understand when and how to effectively archive team data.

Key Points for Archiving

  • Irreversible action: Archiving cannot be reversed. Ensure you have made all final changes to your season’s data, including checking your rosters before proceeding with the archive.
  • Access limitations: Archived seasons are only accessible from the browser version of TeamSnap, not the mobile apps.
  • Direct access requirement: Admins need direct access to the team roster for future retrieval of archived data.
  • Limit on records: The archives can hold up to 20,000 availability records. Exceeding this limit can lead to permanent data loss.
  • Pre-archive management: Before archiving, reduce the number of records by deleting unnecessary games or events from the Schedule tab.

When to use team archive

  • New season preparation: Retain the current rosters for the upcoming season.
  • Event scheduling: Preserve events already scheduled for the new season.
  • Data transfer: When there's a need to transfer specific team data.
  • Independent team management: The sole option for those managing a team independently.

What gets archived

  • Included in new season:
    • Team chat data.
    • Locations and opponents in the schedule.
    • Invoice payments.
  • Archived unless selected otherwise:
    • The entire schedule.
    • Roster details (including classic payments, photos/files, tracking items, and messages).
    • TeamSnap Live (TSL) game and event chat data.]

Steps to archive by team

  1. Log in to TeamSnap.
  2. Navigate to the desired team.
  3. Click the Preferences tab.
  4. Click the Seasons sub-tab.
  5. Click Start a New Season.
  6. Name the completed and new season.
  7. Select existing data to carry forward.
    1. Pay attention to the "Event to Start the New Season" selection.
  8. Click Archive This Season and Start a New Season.

After processing, the new season will be available, and archived seasons will be accessible via the web interface.

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