Import Players from Another Team

Note: The import players from another team function is only available to team admin (managers or owners), and you must have a player/member (not a Contact/Family Member) profile on the other team(s) you wish to import players from.

Starting a new team with some familiar faces? You can invite current or former teammates directly to your new roster using the import from another team tool. Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Log into TeamSnap
  2. Click your roster name below the team name to enter the team site
  3. Click the Roster tab
  4. Click Import From Another Team 
  5. Select the team to import from
  6. Select the names of the players within the team that you want to import
  7. Select/Deselect the checkbox to send invitations to join as desired
  8. Click Import # Players
  9. Click Send Invite to confirm sending the imported players invitations to join the team or click Don't Send to skip sending invitations
  10. All done! Your imported players will be displayed under the Roster tab as soon as the import has finished processing
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