Add and Edit Modules with Page Builder


NOTE: Page Builder is part of the Website Builder product.

The Page Builder feature provides drag-and-drop content creation ability that enables you to build professional-looking sites in minutes, using drag-and-drop modules. 

But wait, TeamSnap, you may be thinking. What happens if you would rather have us (TeamSnap) do that for you? Well, quick segue before we get into the do-it-yourself method - you can purchase TeamSnap custom design services and we will configure and customize your public-facing Wordpress site that integrates with your TeamSnap data. We offer multiple packages to suit your needs. Learn more by contacting your account manager at and ask for more information about TeamSnap custom website packages. Now, on to the how-tos!

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Add a Module

IMPORTANT: The modules in the "TeamSnap Legacy" section will be retired. Make sure you do not use legacy modules and instead select and use the modules available under the "TeamSnap Modules New" section.
  1. Log into your website builder site
  2. Hover over your site name in the top black navigation bar and click Visit Site
  3. Click Page Builder in the top menu bar
  4. Click the add button in the top menu bar

  5. Click a content section to add the desired content (modules, rows, or templates)
  6. Select the module group type you'd like in the Group dropdown
  7. For content modules or rows modules, click and drag the desired module to the area on the page you'd like it displayed
    1. Optional: Select a rows module first to set up your page layout with multiple columns and rows that you can then place content modules in
  8. Hover over the module's top left corner and click the wrench icon that appears
  9. Select desired options in the available drop-downs and field settings under each tab
    1. Learn more about configuring TeamSnap Modules
  10. Click Save
    1. Tip: Click Save As to save the module with your desired settings as a module that can be used throughout the site. Saved modules can be found in the Add Content menu on the right, under Saved.
  11. Click Done at the top right corner of your site
  12. Click Publish Changes

Edit a Module

  1. Open Page Builder
  2. Hover over the module area until you see the module admin icons

  3. Click the tool icon to open the module settings
  4. Select and update settings as desired
  5. Click Save
    1. Hint: Click Save As to save the module with your desired settings as a module that can be used throughout the site. Saved modules can be found in the Add Content menu on the right, under Saved Modules.
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