Use Page Builder

Note: Page Builder is a feature offered as part of the Website Builder product. Not a Website Builder customer yet and interested in learning more? Read more about the awesomeness here: Website Builder

The Page Builder feature provides drag-and-drop content creation ability that enables you to build professional-looking sites in minutes, using drag-and-drop modules. 

But wait, TeamSnap, you may be thinking. What happens if you would rather have us (TeamSnap) do that for you? Well, quick segway before we get into the do-it-yourself method - you can purchase TeamSnap Custom Website Design services and we will configure and customize your public-facing Wordpress site that integrates with your TeamSnap data. We offer multiple packages to suit your needs. Learn more by contacting your account manager at and ask for more information about TeamSnap Custom Website Design. Now, on to the how-tos!

Add a Module

  1. Log into your website builder site as administrator
  2. Hover over your site name in the top black navigation bar and click Visit Site
  3. Click Page Builder in the top black navigation bar
  4. Click Add Content in the top menu bar if the modules menu isn't already open
  5. Click a menu item to view available modules
  6. Click and drag the desired module to the area on the page you'd like it displayed
    • Hint: Select a module from the Row Layouts section first to set up a layout with multiple columns to place content modules in
  7. Make selections in the module settings
  8. Click Save
    • Hint: Click Save As to save the module with your desired settings as a module that can be used throughout the site. Saved modules can be found in the Add Content menu on the right, under Saved Modules.

Edit a Module

  1. Open Page Builder
  2. Hover over the module area until you see the module admin icons
  3. Click the tool icon to open the module settings


Tell me more about these "modules"? If that's even your real name.

It's not my real name, but it is my middle name. Okay, that's not true either, but all of the following module descriptions are definitely real!

Row Layouts: Row layouts provide you with the basic structure of your page content. You have the option to set up rows ranging from 1 - 6 columns to easily create different layouts on the fly.

Basic Modules: Basic modules are just that, a basic element you'd want to add to the page like headings, photos, videos, text, etc.

Advanced Modules: Advanced modules are simple modules that allow you to do more complex things, such as add in a slider, pull posts from your blog, create nicely styled call-out sections, etc.

TeamSnap Modules: TeamSnap modules are what display your league info from TeamSnap to your Wordpress public site. Using TeamSnap's API, these modules help you display registration links, division tables, teams, schedules, etc.

WordPress Widgets: These are feature tools or content of specific functionality that can be placed in sidebars on your site. Default widgets include post categories, search bars, tag cloud, etc. 

Saved Rows/Modules: Rows or modules that you click the Save As button for when setting up will be saved here so that you can reuse them on multiple pages throughout the site. If you check the Global setting when creating them, then changes made for one will update the rest of the instances of that module wherever it is being used on the site.

What about these other buttons?

Templates: There may be templates in existence that you'd like to apply to the page you are editing. Click the Templates button to view and select any existing templates that you'd like to use.

Tools: Once you've started creating pages and creating the layouts that you like, you might realize it can be helpful to copy one page so you can easily create another. Page templates let you do that. Click Tools then Save Template to save the page you are on as a template that can be re-used throughout the site.

Done: This button is for when you are finished editing and want to either save your progress so you can come back to work on it later, or if you are finished making changes and are ready to publish the changes and make them live.

  • Click Publish Changes to make the updated page live
  • Click Save Changes and Exit to save changes without publishing the updates to the live page (updates will not be seen publicly until Publish Changes is clicked)
  • Click Discard Changes and Exit to throw out your changes and exit Page Builder

Need more help? No problemo! Email us at!