Adding Discount Codes to Your Registration Forms

Organization administrators can easily create and provide discount codes for registration that can be used as a coupon code or to apply a scholarship to a registration form by using the adjustments functionality.

Create a Registration Coupon Code

  1. Create a text-type custom form field named Coupon Code (or anything else to distinguish that it is a discount code).
  2. Click the Payments & Adjustments tab
  3. Click Auto Adjustments
  4. Click the +New Adjustment button
  5. Select your coupon code custom field from the When the field dropdown
  6. Enter the code you want users must enter and match to redeem the discount in the Has the Value field
  7. Enter the negative amount of the discount value in the Adjust the amount owed by field. This will be the amount you would like deducted from their fees and must be entered as a negative number, otherwise it will add the amount entered to the total registration fees. For example, if you would like the code to be for a $150 deduction from the total registration amount, you would enter -150 here.
  8. Click Save
Note: The coupon code will be displayed under the Additional Player Info or Additional Parent Info (depending upon what you indicated when you created the custom form field) on the first page of registration. It will not request the code on the checkout page as some may expect, so it is worthwhile to let registrants who will be using the code know where they can expect to enter that.

Scholarship Code

Scholarship codes can be entered the same way as coupon codes. However, instead of naming the custom field Coupon Code, you may name it Scholarship Code.

Handling Multiple Discount Codes

Do you have families that need to use a discount code for each participant? If so, they will be able to enter a different code (or not) for each participant they are registering.  

Tip: There is the potential for registrants to enter the same code in more than one field, even if they should only use it once. In your registration instructions make it very clear that the code should only be entered for the participants for which the discount applies.

Do you have various situations that you need to offer a discount? Such has you have returning families with registration credits of varying amounts, or perhaps you are given a discount for parents that volunteer. We suggest making a unique code for each situation and keeping track of who is given what code. 

Note: Discount codes can be used by anyone that has them, which is why we suggest keeping track of who was given what code. If you are concerned about misuse, once everyone who was given a code has used it, you can remove the codes from your form. This can be done by either deleting the custom field created or removing the code you gave users to enter that matches the "Has the Value" field in 6.

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