Creating registration discounts and coupon codes

Attention: This page is for organization administrators on TeamSnap for Business. Check your version at the bottom of your organization screen. If your registration form experience does not match the steps below, please see our article Adding discount codes to your registration forms.

Discounts and coupon codes can be easily integrated into registration forms with associated fees. Whether it's a percentage or a fixed amount, these discounts can apply to registration or add-on fees, offering flexibility in your settings.

How to set up discounts

  1. Navigate to Checkout Settings in your form.
  2. Click Discounts.
    1. Note: If you don't see these options, ensure fees are set up in your registration form.

  3. Click Add discount and enter the discount details.
    1. Provide a descriptive name for the discount.
    2. Choose between a percentage or fixed discount amount, then input the value.

  4. Define the rules for the discount by selecting the fee types applicable for this discount.
    1. Registration option fees are linked to registration options on your form.
    2. Add-on fees pertain to custom fields on the form.
    3. Note: Discounts are applied to the fees in the cart at checkout and can't be tied to specific registration options or add-on fees.

  5. Select between automatic application or manual application using a unique coupon code.
    1. When applying multiple discounts, percentage discounts are processed first followed by fixed discounts.

  6. Toggle Date-based validity for discounts activated within a specific date range.
  7. Toggle Qualifying # of options in cart for discounts based on the number of registration options selected (multi-child, multi-option discounts).

  8. Once configured, click Create to activate the discount.

Quick recap: Registration discounts and coupon codes

Administrators can apply percentage-based or flat amount discounts to registration and add-on fees. Discounts can be based on specific rules such as date-based validity or the number of options in the cart.

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