Registration on TeamSnap for Business

TeamSnap for Business offers advanced registration capabilities designed to streamline the registration process for organizations. This comprehensive guide assists organization administrators in leveraging the robust registration tools effectively.

Registration builder overview

Creating a new registration form is a breeze with TeamSnap for Business. To begin, navigate to the Registration tab in your account. Our new intuitive registration builder provides a step-by-step guide through the form setup process. 

Note: You can pause using the Save and Exit button and resume the setup anytime, ensuring flexibility in the creation process. 

Here’s what each step allows you to do:

  1. General information

    In the "General" section, input essential details such as the program, season, and form name. Optionally, set registration period dates or manually open/close registration as needed.

  2. Registration Options

    Customize registrant selection items in the "Registration options" section. Add, manage, or populate options from existing divisions or teams within your organization. Assign fee amounts and eligibility rules based on birthdate or gender, offering a tailored selection experience.

    A screenshot of the registration options section showing an example of the dropdown for selecting existing divisions or teams to add to the registration form.

  3. Form Builder

    The "Form Builder" section allows for arranging questions to collect registrant information. Customize default questions and set up digital agreements for mandatory acknowledgments during registration.

  4. Checkout Settings

    Configure merchant accounts for processing registration payments under "Checkout Settings." Set up multiple deposit accounts associated with different registrations to streamline fund deposits based on specific registration options. Installment plans can be created, and offline payments can be enabled if you plan to offer flexible payment options.

  5. Confirmation Message

    Craft a personalized "Confirmation message" for registrants, providing post-registration instructions and details.

Key features and functionality

TeamSnap for Business registration feature includes several key functionalities:

Capacity limits and waitlists

Set option-based capacity limits and enable waitlisting for options that reach total capacity. Efficiently manage waitlisted participants and assign them to rosters once spots become available.

A screenshot example of setting a capacity limit on a registration option with waitlisting enabled.

Custom Questions & Logic

Effectively manage default and custom questions by editing attributes such as question labels, reporting identifiers, and question types. Configure optional or required questions, dynamically display questions using custom logic, and set up response-based fees and discounts.

Question Library

The question library ia a centralized catalog for storing and reusing questions across programs and forms. Saving custom questions to the question library makes them available for future use in other registration forms.

A screenshot of the checkbox of syncing to the question library.

Custom rules

Create logic-based rules for custom questions to dynamically display fields based on specific answers, offering conditional questions tailored to participant responses.

Manage digital agreements

Toggle off digital agreements within registration forms by disabling the agreement next to each option. You can use this feature to temporarily suspend a digital agreement or provide users with an agreement-free registration option. 

Response-based fees and discounts

Custom questions can trigger specific fees or discounts based on registrant responses. Set up maximum application limits per participant for added control.

Discounts and coupon codes

Set automatic discounts based on coupon codes, date ranges, or the number of registration options added to a cart for enhanced registration flexibility.

Option-based deposit accounts

Multiple merchant accounts can be created to handle registration funds. Assign specific bank accounts to different registration options, streamlining fund allocation.

A screenshot example of multiple merchant accounts in different statuses as they appear in the registration form selection dropdown.


Offer registrants payment flexibility by creating multiple installment plans. Configure payment amounts, installment frequency, and processing days to cater to diverse payment preferences.

Manage in-cart registration entries

If a registrant initiates a registration but does not complete the form, admin can delete the ongoing registration effortlessly by utilizing the action menu “...” from the registration reporting page. 

Retire obsolete registration forms

Administrators can retire registration forms to ensure that only relevant and current registration options are in the purview of org and program admins. 

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