Unable to Accept or Decline Ownership of Team

Team owners have the ability to transfer ownership of a team to another member on the roster. 

Have you received an email letting you know that you have been offered team ownership? 

To accept or decline this offer of team ownership:

  1. Log In to TeamSnap
  2. Visit your Account 
  3. Go to Manage My Teams 
  4. Click on View Team Ownership Offer

Are you having trouble locating the Accept or Decline option? 

Follow the troubleshooting steps below to resolve the issue in order of escalation:  

  1. If you are logged in on the mobile app you will not see the option to accept the transfer. You must login to TeamSnap from a web browser to access the Account Settings function.
  2. If there are multiple contact emails listed on the roster profile when an ownership transfer is sent, all contacts will receive the notification email, however, Team ownership can ONLY be accepted by the primary account holder - Person 1. 
    • Check to make sure that you are logged in as the primary account holder (Person 1) as this is where the ownership transfer can be accepted. 
    • If you are unable to login as the primary account holder to accept the transfer, you will need to have the current team owner Add you as a Manager, using the correct email address. Next, they will need to cancel the team transfer by going to Account > Manage My Teams> Cancel Transfer, and then initiate a new transfer to the correct roster profile. 
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